How a Recent "Game of the Year" Winner Almost Sucked

Jason Screier's new book gives people an intriguing glance at the original vision for Uncharted 4. It is a legendary game, but almost became something quite common.

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opinionated457d ago

Uncharted 4 did suck comparatively. I'm a huge fan of the uncharted series and UC4 sits below the original 3 for me.

AnubisG457d ago

Why is Uncharted 4 worst than the previous 3? It improved on everything possible.

opinionated457d ago

The pacing, the characters, the shift towards stealth and "grounded" set pieces. It went from a light hearted, over the top action series to a slow, dramatic, boring shift towards realism that relied way too much on cinematic storytelling.

The only things that improved were the graphics and animations (which I do give them credit for). The animation was top notch. The game itself was purely signal garbage though. It's a well built game, I'm not blaming the whole team but clearly the leadership dropped the ball on direction. It's quite terrible in comparison.

Genuine-User457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

1. The pacing could have been better
2. Almost every character in UC4 is appropriately fleshed out.
3. There isn't a shift towards stealth, it's merely an option.
4. Grounded set pieces like the clock tower and Sam's chase? lol
5. You're in need of a reality check if UC4 seems realistic to you.
6. Uncharted cannot be Uncharted without cinematic story telling.

O and get the f**k out of here with your virtual signalling bullshit conspiracy and animation/graphics being the only improvement.

You've got a shit taste in judging the quality of a product.

AnubisG457d ago

Let's just say that I don't agree with your opinion.

ziggurcat456d ago


"The pacing, the characters, the shift towards stealth and "grounded" set pieces. It went from a light hearted, over the top action series to a slow, dramatic, boring shift towards realism that relied way too much on cinematic storytelling."

stealth is optional, not mandatory. you can run n' gun through the whole game if that's your preference. and what was wrong with the characters?

also, uncharted has always had cinematic storytelling - what is it about U4's cinematic storytelling that was different than the other games in the series?

"The game itself was purely signal garbage though."


bluefox755456d ago

I keep hearing about pacing, I thought the pacing was perfect. A noticeable step up from all of the other Uncharted games, probably my favorite thing about UC4.

UltraNova456d ago

Did I enjoy U4 more than U2? No I did not. The reason why is simple. The jump from U1 to U2 was so huge(+ the media and gamers went apeshit for it and everyone and their mothers were talking about it for years and it got hundreds of GotYAs) that it was impossible to repeat again within the same franchise (see U3). So that impression left us....well spoiled.

The truth is, U4 is the best game in the series, in all areas(story, gunplay and platforming gameplay, actor/ess performances, character built up, visuals, engine performance, animations, physics, AI, map design etc), BY FAR. Its just not the most memorable because we got "used" to such high quality by ND and our expectations were set to impossible heights.

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Weeblordbad457d ago

Yes because the pirate stuff in UC3 wasn't the worst. I guess the real question is, why does your personal ranking matter? Do you think it matters?

"Signal garbage", "leadership dropped the ball" ohhhh okay, now I see what you're driving at; Neil Druckmann and Nadine.

opinionated457d ago

It's a comment section, I made a comment. You don't have to agree and you can rank it whatever you want lol. I don't like Druckmann as a director and nadine was an awful character. It's not just those two things though. All of the characters sucked in UC4. I listed the reasons, you don't have to connect any dots.

Big_Game_Hunters457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Druckman is a clown though lets be honest. I fear the Direction of ND with Bruce gone.

deafdani457d ago

Lol. The pirate stuff was my favorite thing on U3, and U3 is my favorite game in the series.

Opinions, how do they work???

ziggurcat456d ago


why was Nadine an "awful character"?

bluefox755456d ago

Tbf, Nadine was probably the worst part of that game, and Druckmann is pretty open about his desire to virtue signal. Fortunately that wasn't enough to mar an otherwise fantastic game.

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opinionated457d ago

Thanks for this article though. It reminded me that I need to go pick up the lost legacy. I'm willing to give it one more chance, I'm willing to gamble on fresh leadership and new upcoming directors in naughty dog. If lost legacy is the same boring crap as UC4 then I'm pretty much done with naughty dog in the foreseeable future.

opinionated457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Hopefully not. Would you compare lost legacy to UC4?

Nyxus457d ago

@ opinionated: yes, just like I would compare UC4 to the rest of the series.

goldwyncq457d ago

You're going to love it. Better pacing and a much tighter experience overall. It's what U4 should have been like.

Genuine-User457d ago

Neil Druckmann would happily see you to the door.

opinionated457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

@genuine user
That's nice of him to hold the door but how could I leave with you on your knees in front him blocking the exit?

457d ago
Genuine-User457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

You showcase predictable manbaby traits, as expected from your kind of course. I ain't stooping to your childish level.

HeisenbergX457d ago

@goldwyncq Sooo Uc4 should have been an 8 hours shorter game with not so much interesting characters and barely even two set pieces ?

DigitalRaptor457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I think TLL is better than Uncharted 4.

As goldwyncq said, it's a tighter, well-paced and more satisfying gameplay experience. It's somewhat different to UC4 because it improves on some of its flaws and has different storytelling goals. The gameplay feels extremely good - it's the same systems as in UC4, but with improvements and great additions unique to Chloe's character. Talking of her, she's awesome and there are some great surprises in there in terms of story and set-pieces.

guyman457d ago

Uncharted 4 is one of the best games of this generation. You seem to be pissed off that ND produced another masterpiece. lmao.

guyman457d ago

Does it hurt known uncharted 4 has been one of the most successful games this generation? I bet it does. Shame man, you're trying so hard. try not to get an anuerism. Clearly you are a hater. Naughty D set the bar with uncharted 4. The lot legacy was just as impressive.

Dark_Knightmare2456d ago

Cool story I'm sure their worried about some nobody with crap taste in gaming not buying their next game

Adrian_v01456d ago

You won't like it, the lead role is female.

IamTylerDurden1456d ago

Please do drop the best dev in the industry from your future gaming habits, you are not needed. Have fun missing TLoU 2 though..

GamesMaster1982456d ago

I'm sure Naughty Dog will miss you if you are done with the francise.

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mafiahajeri457d ago

Lol you could have said you didnt like it, that it wasnt your cup of tea, but to call it terrible thats harsh.

I absolutely hate WOW tried to get into it couldnt. But would I say its a terrible game? Heck no. Its amazing for people who enjoy it. I respect your opninon but uncharted is not terrible in any shape or form.

opinionated457d ago

I said terrible comparatively. I think it's terrible compared to the other uncharteds. Not terrible compared to Andromeda for example lol.

nevin1457d ago

lol, you fanboys got to learned to respect others people opinions.

Are you people blind, as he clearly said he enjoyed the previous games which should indicate he's fan of the series but didn't like the direction of 4.

I'm in the same boat as 4 was to me a complete snoozfest. The majority of my time I was either climbing/puzzling/walking/driv ing/talking.

The actual combat is very limited in this game compared to 1-3. Situations like this I'm glad I don't pay full price for games. I paid $20 for Uncharted 4 and you might aswell say I bought a Blu Ray movie.

Well at least online is still decent.

gbsrnctaln457d ago


You called it "boring crap". But I guess thats "comparitively" lol. TLL is fucking amazing. I did not like Nadine in U4, but she is really fleshed out in this game, much softer. Im actually a fan of her character now, which just actually has me very excited for ND going forward.

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opinionated457d ago

You disagree with what I'm saying or you disagree that it's worse than previous uncharteds? The things I mention like the ultra slow pacing, the overly dramatic characters, the shift towards realism, the stealth and grounded set pieces. These things are fact.

If you think those things are an improvement for the series then I can respect that. I think you are wrong but I still respect it.

Razzer457d ago

UC4 did not suck, comparatively or otherwise.

HeisenbergX457d ago

Ughh yet another "fan" who thinks that the only thing what makes Uncharted are the set pieces every half an hour that Nate stupidly causes himself so we can have some action because screw story! (mainly referencing UC3 here) all though UC2 has this as well.

UC4 has the best writen story and characters by a mile and is the best made Uncharted game by leaps and bounds. It made u fell like you are on a real adventure not just blasting you with fast paced action and stupidly caused set pieces. It had such an amazing pirate lore and characters,locations and epic moments and it was so immersive that every time i play it i want to just stand around these amazing locations and just marvel at the scenery and explore.

The only thing i will give you is the pacing but that's just because UC4 had to set up a really important character and it's such a massive long game you could combine the first three games and that still wouldn't be as big as A Thieves End.

nevin1457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

lol, please tell me I read your ridiculous comment wrong.

As it seems you more into stories than the actual gameplay part.

I mean lol

" It made u fell like you are on a real adventure not just blasting you with fast paced action and stupidly caused set pieces."

I don't know about you, but getting out of those fire fights in Uncharted 1-3 were highly entertaining.

HeisenbergX457d ago

You read it wrong.

And you are ridiculous if you think that the GAMEPLAY part in Uncharted is just the set pieces.

Yes and getting out of fire fights in UC4 was even more entertaining and meaningful becauase of better story and bigger stakes and bigger levels and awesome gameplay mechanics.

DigitalRaptor457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

"it's such a massive long game you could combine the first three games and that still wouldn't be as big"

I completed Uncharted 4's story in about 19 hours. It's a much longer game than the first three games. But if I recall I finished UC1's story in about 9 hours, UC2's story in about 12 hours and UC3's story in about 10 hours, so that's around 30 hours.

HeisenbergX457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

@DigitalRaptor Yes i did too my friend my first playthrough was about 18 and a half hours and on crushing it took me 21 hours. It's such and awesome experience.

Well how long was it since you last played them ? maybe it took me around 8-9 hours to finish the first three games back when i first played them but now i can finish them in 7 hours Uc1 sometimes in 6. There is no way i can finish Uc4 in less than 17-16 hours every time i play it even when i don't explore as much.

Also i didn't just mean in length.

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TheVetOfGaming457d ago

In your opinion. The game mechanics were far better than the previous versions, and the game play was pretty solid. I'd score it no less than an 8/10. For me, it did drag out a little at times, but I'm not a hardcore fan. To say it sucked, though, is just utter nonsense.

-GreenRanger457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

IMO UC4 was better than 3, but UC1 and 2 are better than 4.

Dark_Knightmare2456d ago

lol I would never put Uc 1 ahead of 4 that's laughable


Im sorry but you have to be an idiot to say that. Uc3 was VERY mediocre in all angles in comparison to the rest of the series. The Story especially was bad, arguably the worst in the series

KwietStorm457d ago

I have no idea what you're talking about with being grounded and realism, but it was Uncharted 3 that had more shooting and less adventure than previously, so Uncharted 4 brought back the focus on adventure and opening up the game.

UCForce457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

You are so predictable to me. I will say this again, you always have that reckless attitude. Uncharted 4 is my favorite game and it was my GOTY of 2016. I'm a huge of Uncharted series. Even my unpopular opinion, UC 4 is better than UC 2 because it told the story what I wanted for a long time. You what it is ? Uncharted 4 Story was personal and grounded which I love. You do have your opinion but you have a poor statement. And another reason, Uncharted 4 have more detailed than previous Uncharted series, the animation is top notch.

HeisenbergX457d ago

Actually it's not such an unpopular opinion my friend (maybe on this site it is) UC2 and 4 are generally considered the best Uncharted games in the fan community around the internet it's pretty much a tie between the two games.

I also think that UC4 is better than 2 in almost every way and it really is it's just hard for some people to take of those nostalgia blinders and admit that but it will grow on them give it time.

UCForce457d ago

I know what Neil did last year (which I already aware that) and I know what he is. But I rather let go and move on. If I have to be honest, i just don't like your gut. Even you made a right statement which i agree with you sometimes, but still I don't like your gut. You know, you do make some unnecessary words that often lead to misunderstanding and misconceptions.

Sam Fisher456d ago

Imo unc 3 blew, i couldn't even finish it. 2 is still king

Nivekki456d ago

I'd put UC4 just below UC2, but only just. UC2 is still, in my eyes, the best out of the series. Partly because it made the most impact on me when it first came out, but also because it is just an amazing game. The set pieces, the locations, the perfect pacing. I played it again not long ago and it's still as impressive as when it first came out.

But UC4 is above the others, without a doubt. I can't see how it sucked at all, it was a great game that ended Nathans story perfectly.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan456d ago

I loved the game but it would have gained by being a bit out there, by killing either Sam or Sully, or even Nate and then have some kind of the same final where we find out that Elena was pregnant that the past of Cassie's dad has been hidden all these years and she finds out when she's a teenager.

OB1Biker456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Uncharted 4 is a great game and thats a fact :)
Whether you like it or not is another story

meka2611456d ago

Really?!? Something that is entirely subjective and you say it's a fact? lol. Uncharted is the type of game if you don't like that story your not gonna get drawn in. I did not like the story of four, I like 2 the best, but four is below that for me, couldn't get into the story. So let's go with your idea, if I like a movie and think it has a great story and you don't, does my opinion equal fact or yours?

OB1Biker456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Its widely acknowledged as a great game by almost everyone in the gaming industry.
No game can please everyone of course but just like LTOU is a great game as a matter of fact acknowledged as such. There s no denying either of them to be true despite some individuals who might dislike what they want to.

Besides there's nothing wrong with a great game not being your type of games. There's are many hugely popular and greatly appreciated games I actually don't really like.
What I'm saying is personal liking us not the point here. It's about a quality game VS what could have been a quite divisive game

BeRealisticNow456d ago

Uncharted 2 is my personal favorite, followed by 4. 3 was too annoying with the enemies they spawn behind you constantly

Germ_the_Nobody456d ago

The pacing is literally the only thing I would change about Uncharted 4. It was pretty bad.

georeo456d ago

Bro is you high? How is uncharted.4 any different from the others? Uncharted 4 just improves off the other titles.

456d ago
WelkinCole456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Pretty sure climbing and swigging around in U4 was pretty unrealistic compare to previous games.

Gameplay was improved upon the previous games so I am not sure what you are talking about here.

The characters were more fleshed out does not mean they are grounded

The story was a personal story about Drake from his past to his future. It was his final send off and what a send off it was.

Loved every bits about U4 and it was the best in the series for me.

If ND followed the exact same formula as from 1-3 U4 would have been quite stale like it was with GOW Accession

meka2611456d ago

Wow you fanboys need to calm the hell down, he has a different opinion so you trash him? Real tolerant there guys, I agree with him, I love uncharted but couldn't get into four, not sure if it was pacing but I just wasn't drawn into the story like in 2 or 3. Definitely gotta try out the new expansion/game, but I'm broke so gamefly it is. Seriously though you guys are nuts for bashing a guy that goes against your narrative, it's pitiful.

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Legatus457d ago

I never had any doubt in the ND before, i don't have any doubt in the ND now and i will never have any doubt in the ND in the future. They are not called Naughty Gods for nothing. Keep up the legendary work ND and i can't wait for your upcoming masterpiece that is TLOU part II.

McGlinchey12457d ago

Could of would of should of, this articles actually pointless thats like saying last of us could of been shit?

NiteX457d ago

It was far better than UC1 and UC3 for me.

DigitalRaptor457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I liked Amy's style, great mind, but I don't think I could have got along too well with this.

Over half the game, with a forced melee in combat, and no guns? Sounds okay on the surface but when you think about it... doesn't sound appealing. Uncharted 4 ended up being a fantastic game, and I actually prefer The Lost Legacy to it. If this first version of Uncharted 4 was completed, it sounds like it would be worse than UC3 to me.

My rankings are: UC2 > TLL > UC4 > UC1 > UC3 > GA.