The God of War Upgrade System Will Take Cues From Norse Mythology

The new God of War won't be having the same upgrade system for the weapons as the last games this time around

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thatguyhayat369d ago

Come on 2018 We need this game nowww. Anticipation is killing me

-GreenRanger369d ago

I'd be feeling that, but I got Mario Odyssey, South Park, AC Origins, and Cuphead to hold me over until GoW so the wait's good on my part.

Snk91369d ago

I cannot wait for god of war, but didn't the early gameplay videos reveal QTE'S? Yet here it says there are none.

opinionated369d ago

That's neat. I wonder if they are going to flesh out all 9 realms. Like the dwarf realm or whatever. Or if they are just going to use those 2 as a plot device.