Skyrim on the Switch: No Mod Support "Planned at This TIme"

Sorry, but you might have to make due with the special Link outfit.

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porkChop373d ago

This isn't surprising, but it would be great if they could support it in the future.

Brave_Losers_Unite373d ago

The switch is like a mobile version of console games and a sega genesis version of PCs

-GreenRanger373d ago

That is like the biggest reason to justify a $2500 gaming PC, download graphics mods for a 6 year old game.

Nivekki372d ago

Brave_Losers_Unite is like a retarded version of a human being.

Miss_Weeboo373d ago

Having Link in Skyrim would feel... disgusting. I want my Zelda characters in my Zelda games

Sm00thNinja373d ago

No real incentive to purchase then other than if you really have to play this on the go. Skyrim enthusiast maybe

xX1NORM1Xx373d ago

i didn't think mods would be in it i wasn't even sure it was gonna be the "special edition" im glad it is though that was the main factor in whether ill buy it or not since i didn't complete it on 360 or play the dlc but mods down the line would be amazing but i assume Nintendo don't want people putting extra stress on the system

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