What's The Obsession With Mario's Nipples In Super Mario Odyssey ?

Recently in a Nintendo Direct event new details were released for Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.

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FallenAngel1984252d ago

It's really strange

Personally I'm still more weirded out by Sonic's flesh colored arms, stomach, lower face, and occasional eyelids

DivineAssault 252d ago

Mickey Mouse does too i believe.. Strange but it works for toon characters

DivineAssault 252d ago

I thought nothing of it at first but ever since the fuss, it does seem odd lol.. I suppose itd be worse if they removed them.. Does Olimar have nips?

chrisx251d ago

I think this is the 1st time we are seeing a game mario topless, ofcourse there's gonna be a fuss

wonderfulmonkeyman251d ago

I'm more interested in whether or not Mario can slowly get a tan when wearing that particular outfit, if he lounges out in the sun long enough.
It would be a cool little easter egg, if so.

XisThatKid250d ago

Nah, if its on PS4 or X1 or PC then yea.KIDDING!!

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The story is too old to be commented.