Why GTA V Makes Sense for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's recent Nintendo Direct announcements such as LA Noire, Doom, Wolfenstein 2 will be making their way to the Nintendo Switch. With Nintendo being able to bring more, mature studios such as Bethesda, and Rockstar to the table. Why not bring one of the top selling games of all time to the console? With the debate of whether the power of the console, and memory constraint of Nintendo's hybrid console, compared to Microsoft's Xbox One, and Sony's PlayStation 4, can Rockstar pull it off, can Nintendo's Online services handle Grand Theft Auto Online?

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2pacalypsenow454d ago

"can Nintendo's Online services handle Grand Theft Auto Online?"


Poli_Games454d ago

It's handled Splatoon 2, rather well so far.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory454d ago

Do you even own a Switch? No
Because Nintendo Online Service hasn't released yet.

Right now Switch owners are just using Free WiFi Online connection no service. Meaning everyone connection is their own. You got crap connection then that your fault.

2pacalypsenow454d ago

I did for a while, then sold it..

RedDevils453d ago

How can you sold something that you never bought?

2pacalypsenow453d ago

I can "Sell" something that I bought, actually bought two of them, and sold both.

PhoenixUp454d ago

Might as well make articles about why every game makes sense for Switch

frdjck454d ago

I think that's the plan. :)

454d ago
JackieDrunken454d ago

GTA V and/or Red Dead on Switch would be sweeeeet! I own GTA V on PS3 and Remaster PS4. Would buy again for Switch so I could play on go. Haven't played Red Dead since PS3, so that would be really awesome to play again on Switch.

RedDevils453d ago

I want Red Dead more. Gta V not so bad, but I bought it for both Ps3 and PS4 lol not gonna happen with the Switch games price so high, I might have to wait for black friday for me to even thinking of buying it.

frdjck454d ago

Thinking about it, GTA5 on Switch make a lot of sens since it was first released on ps3/xb360.

Injusticewarrior454d ago

And those versions stopped receiving updates after heists.
Left behind...

LIGATURE454d ago

And peoples doubted the switch

bluefox755454d ago

How does this article curb that doubt? It's an opinion piece.

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The story is too old to be commented.