EVE: Valkyrie Warzone Runs Up To [email protected] on PS4 Pro; PC Specs Revealed

EVE: Valkyrie Warzone runs up to [email protected] fps on PS4 Pro (with dynamic resolution). CCP also told Wccftech what kind of PC you'll need to play it well, including at native [email protected]

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ccgr396d ago

Impressive, but I already own the PC version

crazyCoconuts396d ago

What a BEAST! Oh...wait 😉

Imp0ssibl3396d ago

So basically it's 1080p during fights and goes higher during downtime...

crazyCoconuts396d ago

"on a PS4 Pro where a 4K display is available, though most of the time it will be somewhere in the middle" (middle of 1080p and 4k, which is like twice 1080p). That's about what I'd expect, and from what I've seen in those resolutions it's really great.

KaiPow396d ago

That sure as hell beats time dilation!

OB1Biker396d ago

And the beast goes on...

Phil32396d ago

That's quite interesting!

Scatpants396d ago

of course the models are all made of 6 polygons but 4K 60.

Liqu1d396d ago

No. It's an update that allows the game to be played on 2D screens and VR.