Top 10 Worst Third Party Nintendo Wii U Games

With Nintendo Switch doing better by the day, Screen Critics looks back at the absolute worst of third party games from Wii U.

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PhoenixUp221d ago

Article says it's about third party Wii U games, yet Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival & Pokemon Rumble U are on this list.

lptmg221d ago

maybe they were made by third parties? I dunno much about those games

PhoenixUp221d ago

Doesn't matter who they were made by, they're still first party titles

221d ago
lptmg221d ago

one of the worst Wii U games I've ever played was Deus Ex. It's not by any means a terrible game, but the Wii U port was a massive disappointment with a weird control scheme and an abysmal framerate of like 20fps at best.

derkasan221d ago

It's crazy how hard Devil's Third tanked. Don't think Itagaki's going to really recover from that one.