How Could a Terrifying Until Dawn Sequel Work?

Jack Matthams imagines his ideal Until Dawn sequel. Is he looking for a direct sequel?

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Thatguy-310376d ago

they can easily go into the anthology type of story lines.

Hardiman375d ago

I thought the same thing as it would free up the dev to tell any story they want and the possibilities would be endless.

-Foxtrot375d ago

Anthology. This game was about old school slasher horror so how about...

Sci-Fi horror like Alien or the Thing

Zombie/Vampire horror films from Dawn of the Dead to From Dusk til Dawn

Ghost/Haunted House based like Poltergeist or the Conjuring

Possession like the Exorcist

Even Parody with a more light humor could be done like Scary Movie

So many options to choose from to keep the series going while keeping each installment fresh

akaFullMetal375d ago

That's what I thought they should do too. In order to keep it fresh to place in other horror type romps like Jason and freddy.
Everything you listed would sound great. Loved this game, I hope to see them do another.

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