Sonic Forces Could Decide The Fate Of The Franchise

After Sonic Mania's success, SEGA must be watching the reception to Sonic Forces very closely, especially with it releasing on all 3 consoles. If it tanks, will SEGA stick with 2D Sonic from here on? What if people like it - more 3D Sonic games?

What's the best option for Sonic's future?

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FallenAngel1984429d ago

Sega is never going to stop producing 3D Sonic games even of this one tanks critically, which I doubt it will

SuperSonic91429d ago

Sonic Mania has decided tjat already.
Next fan made game will be Streets of Rage Mania

SarcasticDuck429d ago

just make a game where Modern Sonic travels through dimensions and meets all his incarnations, from Underground and Boom to Riders and Unleashed. Implement 3D and 2D running levels as the standart and bring back some new levels based on the gameplay of those previous stuff. As sh*t as those games were, it would be fun to joke around it like Sonic Boom the show does!

DivineAssault 429d ago

Why cant both continue? I will stop buying if it goes full 3D again.

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