Six Huge Xbox 360 Titles Are Coming To Backwards Compatibly Today Including Saints Row The Third

ThisGenGaming says "Six new backwards compatibility titles have been confirmed in one of the best updates of the year."

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nX65d ago

Wow Septic's trolling is on point today, what year is it?

MetroidFREAK2166d ago

Uhhh... None of these games are "huge"

NeoGamer23265d ago

The title should've been 3 popular games...

Undertow, Super Contra, and Saints Row were all popular with 360 owners.

Condemnedman66d ago

think they may be looking for hits this is not huge at all

JonTheGod66d ago

Only one "huge" game in that list.

Slender: The Arrival
Super Contra
Saints Row: The Third
Monopoly Deal
Virtual-On (Japan Only)

dead_pixels66d ago

Monopoly and Slender: The Arrival were huge? Really?

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The story is too old to be commented.