New Xbox One tech can save hard drive space and cut download times

Microsoft is planning a quiet revolution in the way that games are streamed and installed onto Xbox One and Xbox One X.

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bobsmith308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

nice heard halo 5 was getting new forge maps for halo 3 10 yr anniversary just in time didnt want to download 100gb again
ps4 kind of has this I re downloaded uncharted 4 to try new surviival and chose mp first and paused after mp finished but you cant play it without it still downloading so I have to keep pausing the download

Sonic_Vs_Mario308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Completely different. This new Xbox tech is a system implementation feature, it gives developers an option to let gamers download parts of the game like Single Player, Multiplayer, Audio, Assets etc to be played on Xbox One

shloobmm3308d ago

Which will save a lot of space for games with multiple languages for audio.

TFJWM307d ago

Am I missing something, it is just slightly different with what they can do now. Many games let you decide if you want to install MP or SP first letting you leaving one out really isn't going to change much for the install size since they use the same assets...Leaving say voice acting out for single player will cut down on a small amount of space but it won't be anything crazy. All this will still have to been at the software level.

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WhyHate308d ago

Microsoft truly is the company that continues to innovate.

InTheZoneAC308d ago

I struggled to comment until I realized you were being sarcastic. Good job!

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Wolfrunt308d ago

MS being awesome again, hope all this tech is patented .

SojournUK307d ago

Why hope they patented it?

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nitus10307d ago

The last thing we need is more software patents.

Anyway, it would not be in Microsoft's interest to try to patent a concept which is has been around for years when you have companies like IBM that can really hurt Microsoft if they decide to bring out their patent portfolio.

Rhythmattic307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

MS patents.. Don't get me started.

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