Why You Should Be Worried About Ubisoft

Vivendi is getting more and more aggressive with Ubisoft, and that's a problem. Let Ubisoft remain free!

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WePlayDirty250d ago

I haven’t purchased an Ubisoft game since Farcry 4 and Child of Light... so 2014.

EatCrow249d ago

Far Cry 3 and Child of Light here.

Angainor7249d ago

Can someone explain me with a few words the situation between Vivendi & Ubi?

Parasyte249d ago

To put it simply, Vivendi is trying to slowly purchase Ubisoft stock, so they will have the controlling stake in the company and slowly takeover Ubisoft that way instead of outright buying the company.

Pandamobile249d ago

French law stipulates that a controlling company has to make a full takeover bid if their shares of another company reach 30% (or some other arbitrary number). Vivendi have been essentially held at bay for now because they don't have $6 billion in cash to throw at an acquisition right now.

Edito249d ago

I hope they buy Ubisoft... i'm so tired of they half games... The Division was the tip of the iceberg for me...

TwistedV249d ago

I dont see how Ubisoft's way of making games can get any worse

Eiyuuou249d ago

Pray you don't find out.

EatCrow249d ago

It can always get worse.
I want prince of persia back

Relientk77249d ago

Leave Britn-err Ubisoft alone! It's a company!

TheOptimist249d ago

I am not worried about Ubisoft in the least. If they fall, it'll be good riddance, just like EA, Activision and many other AAA games.

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The story is too old to be commented.