Cliff Bleszinski On LawBreakers: "I Have To Keep This Game Alive"

The Gears of War designer says he's been humbled by the launch.

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MunchMiller00310d ago

What a shocker. Guy's game gets ignored, all of a sudden

"....and try to be less of a dick, honestly" -- Bleszinski

Translation: "Oh s**t, I can't be my usual a**hole self and get away with it. Better do some damage control for that bank!"

Hope your game bombs and takes you with it.

AzubuEntus310d ago

This narcissistic prick deserves the situation that he is in now. As far as I'm concerned, all of the constant karma Bleszinski spoken for the past years are all rushing back to him on this game. He should've stayed in retirement.

EatCrow310d ago

I dont like the guy. But geez do gamers ger a bad rep if this is how game creators are treated. I dont care about his personality or his actions. Only whether or not the game is any good. Which it doesnt seem to be.

Unless he pulled an asshole move on the gaming industry like targeting streamers or specific people like a real a**hole would then I dont care what he is like.

rainslacker309d ago

So he says things which are typically usually true in the overall picture, but lacks any kind of polite social etiquette , and he deserves to be cast aside forever?

Love or hate the man, most of his insights were usually correct on some level. He was just piss poor in delivering such things, and came across.....well, a "dick".

Cartman55125309d ago

Say what you want about his personality, but the guy created an online only game and released it for 30 bucks, in addition to releasing all future dlc for free. He may be an asshole, but he is a loud voice in gaming who is doing the right thing. Whether or not the game is good is a different story.

Lamboomington310d ago

"Hope your game bombs and takes you with it."

Hope you don't comment again. We don't need this kind of attitude, honestly.

subtenko310d ago

apparently we dont need the attitude from this dev either in the I guess you also dont want this dev to make games again., well ok! deal!

309d ago
SolidGear3310d ago

Well that's kinda harsh, lol

DarXyde309d ago

That's a bit much. Say what you will about Cliff, but he's worked on some great games (Unreal Tournament and Gears. for instance).

He's done the industry some good. He's not the most important in the industry, but he has still contributed meaningfully. Hoping he goes under is petty and immature.

spaceb0y309d ago

I think it deserves a chance if he is sincere with improvements and additions.

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themodern_age310d ago

the game looks fun, but $40 for a game I haven't played is a financial risk.

dudesteve310d ago

How do you buy any game? You need a demo before every purchase you make?
Kinda stupid comment if you ask me

themodern_age309d ago

Now adays they offer betas and demos for releases. I would like to see that for this game. I usually only buy games from franchises/companies I am familiar with (Bethesda,Rockstar,FromSoftwar e)

Brave_Losers_Unite309d ago


Sorry but take an L

SCW1982310d ago

Its $30 and its an extremely well made skill based game.

The 10th Rider309d ago

He could be from Canada. "$" doesn't always denote USD.

salisberg309d ago

Why are people not playing?

akurtz309d ago

there were two betas i believe

Sniperwithacause309d ago

Dude they had an open beta on PS4 about a week before launch. You should have payed more attention.

JackBNimble309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

If $40 Is a financial risk for you then you shouldn't be playing games. Maybe get a second job or marry some rich bitch.

dazsarge309d ago

To be honest, seems like there is nobody here who has tried it.

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maybelovehate310d ago

Cliff as a person has nothing to do with me not being interested in Lawbreakers. The game just doesn't appeal to me.

chris235310d ago

who would want to pay for and play the umpteenth generic mee-too online fps? go back to school and find ooutabout how markets are working.