Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC details leak, will link to Resident Evil 8

From GameWatcher: "Resident Evil 7 is one of the best games of the year, but you may have forgotten that its final set of DLC, starring series hero Chris Redfield, was promised in Spring 2017 but was delayed to December. Now an anonymous source claims to have full story details on the 'Not A Hero' DLC, with hints on the newly announced 'End of Zoe' DLC. This is only a rumour, but just in case beware potential story SPOILERS for Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero and End of Zoe below!"

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ViralGamesNews460d ago

I really like the way RE saga is heading!

naruga458d ago

RE8 a first person ? Again ?...Capcom you idiot fuers I HATE YOU I HATE YOU !!

goldwyncq458d ago

1-3: Third person fixed camera
4-6: Third person
7-9: First person

Makes sense.

G20WLY458d ago

This is AWESOME news 😁

RE7 was a return to form, for me and many others. Keep up the good work Capcom!

naruga458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

@above unfortunately for you.....the thing is failing hard, and thats why Capcom gives the DLC for free...Japan throwed up this shit of a game and probably you havnt touched the game neither once after the 1st playthrough (i doubt if you even finished this ugly mess of Outlast copy) .....

_-EDMIX-_458d ago

Who cares? Why would you play the game only for its perspective and nothing more? Smh

Resident Evil 7 moved 4 million units in about 1 month you don't actually know what a failure is to them because it's very likely they spend less money creating 7 than the previous three.

I don't know what this obsession is with stairing at characters back while playing the game as it sounds like that's more important to you than the game itself. Why is the backside of these characters so important to you guys? 😂😂😂

Bahamut458d ago

It would be nice if they made the game Third Person (fixed camera) but allowed you to switch to first person whenever you want.

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BABY-JEDI458d ago

Feel the fear in First Person chicken boy 🤣

ViralGamesNews458d ago

We are pretty sure that they are opening the way for a fully immersive VR horror experience at Capcom so let's see what's next! :D

GamesMaster1982457d ago

Yeah Capcom proved that VR can be done and done right, not no stupid crap 5 min tech demo or cartoonish crap. Proper Survival horror full game VR. In fact it's the best VR game this this year by far. Well done Capcom keep up the excellent work.

Bnet343458d ago

I skipped RE7... and I love RE series. If it were up to me, I like the survival horror games the best. The shooter RE4 styled ones are always fun. Like them too. But first person... sigh...

Soulst0rmer458d ago

Don't shut it down over that mindset. RE7 is more resident evil than you think. It is really good and it's FPS perspective was a good choice.

Dirty_Lemons458d ago

Damn right. It was the closest to the original trilogy in a long, long time. Experienced in VR it was something truly terrifying - don't ever fancy seeing that chainsaw in my face again, or Lucas' wheel of knives...

Bnet343458d ago

I'll play it one day but I promise you not everyone went crazy over RE7 like they did with RE4. I bet people would take the RE2 Remake over another first person RE game.

Cyro458d ago


Wait are you telling me people would rather have a remake of one of the best Resident Evil games over a new RE game that could be either really good or really bad? This man is a genius!

deno458d ago

Resident evil died after Resident Evil 4. The rest of these games are garbage. Revelations 1 and 2 is better then this garbage. I like those.

_-EDMIX-_458d ago

@Bnet-who cares about what other people thought? At the end of the day the people who went crazy over four five and six I don't even believe cared about the previous games in the first place.

Why don't you focus on the why you liked the original games, as opposed to wasting time based on what other people thought especially those that even recognized for five or six in the first place.
Don't get me wrong they're great action games but they have very little to do with Resident Evil or survival or and regards to the game play element.

Those people would be the last people I believe someone like you you should even be referring to to play a game like this...

You like The Originals? You like survival horror? What else do you actually need to know to play Resident Evil 7 as I find it very difficult to understand why anybody would actually take the suggestions from anyone who liked 4 , 5 or 6 ie the non Resident Evil games.

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Lionsguard458d ago

Are you kidding? RE7 was amazing! Especially in VR. The only reason people would want a RE2 remake is due to the nostalgia glasses they wear. And the only reason they would accept a new RE game in that style was if it was an RE2 remake. I promise you if they released RE8 in the same clunky style like RE2, no one would buy it. No one wants to go back to that type of gameplay on purpose. The only reason RE1 and RE2 was scary was because the aiming was crappy and the camera angles limited your movements. I don't understand this mentality of wanting to go BACKWARDS in terms of gameplay and development on purpose!

CoryHG458d ago

Jesus for the love of god play this game. Its GOTY. If you love the series as much as I do, this is a brilliant game. The first person is equivelant to tank controls from the first three. the game is gorgeous and the atmosphere is untouchable. especially if u can do in VR. story is really good too.

_-EDMIX-_458d ago

Ok, if you love the Resident Evil series why would you skip 7? Especially considering you're saying you like the survival horror games of best so you skipped the one that returned all those features? I think you might actually need to play Resident Evil 7 as opposed to just prematurely judging something.

As a person that is actually played every last Resident Evil game Resident Evil 7 is the closest to the originals, it has those survival elements you claim to like.

Kornholic458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Why the fuck would you skip RE7 if you claim to love the series? It's the best Resident Evil since Resident Evil 4. First person perspective sounds like the stupidest reason to skip a game. Here, have a downvote.

GamesMaster1982457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Well each to their own i liked Resi 4 but to me it just was not a good Resident Evil game 5and 6 were total shit. Now 7 this is Resident Evil way better than 4 in my eyes.

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-Foxtrot458d ago

So RE8 will be first person... *sigh*

I hope they hurry up with the RE2 seems that and the RE3 Remake hopefully after are the only RE things to give me my fix.

Dirty_Lemons458d ago

I completely respect your opinion but am curious what you didn't enjoy about VII? I am one of the few who preferred Nemesis over 2, so a R3make would be incredible.

_-EDMIX-_458d ago

He enjoys watching the back of people the most, that is the most important thing to him in a game is if he could look at the body of the characters...

Nesflix458d ago

Has it been confirmed that this is in fact THE Chris Redfield? Can someone confirm? I haven't been up to date on RE7 news since I beat the game. I know it rumored to be Hunk at some point. Does anyone actually know for certain?

Nitrowolf2458d ago

Besides Capcom saying it is, No. Seems odd they would use different models for the gane and recent movie.

Eliseo676458d ago

Storyline wise, looks like he is.

Going by the new lore, the upcoming games will deal with the Blue and Red Umbrella War, with Chris representing Blue guys. With this info, No reason to believe he isn't the Older Chris Capcom is pushing through the DLC.

Soulst0rmer458d ago

In the RE7 credits, it days Chris Redfield but the same one? I dunno, I would assume so

EatCrow458d ago

I love the new direction of RE...I hope they keep it up.
RE7 was my favourite since the original series before it got all actiony

Battlefieldlover458d ago

Couldn't agree more. VR was the most fun and the most scared I've been playing a horror game in over a decade. I don't get the hate. I get they tried something new for the series but it saved RE which let be serious (to all the people crying about first person). How well had RE been doing? Action game with nothing scary or tense in the last 3 games? At least RE7 is an actual horror game, woulda thought that's what fans wanted.

EatCrow456d ago

It seems it caught the attention of a lot of action lovers. Thats the only explanation there is.

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