DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Comparison Screens Based on Nintendo Direct Footage

Some DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 comparison screenshots have surfaced based on the Nintendo Direct Footage from yesterday.

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solderman283d ago

Obligatory the downgrade is real post.

mikeslemonade282d ago

Ehhh on a bigger screen at 900p it's gonna look bad. And you know the footage is probably doctored up.

Fist4achin282d ago

Happy that the switch is getting this. I don't notice much of a downgrade as far as the graphics go.

GamingIVfun282d ago

On the switches screen it will look awesome, hopefully the FPS is good also.

Exvalos282d ago

A bit of a downgrade (as to be expected) but I'm actually pretty impressed

Lon3wolf282d ago

Not bad at all, there is a difference but Switch owners will be happy with what they are getting imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.