It Is Time That We Start Calling Loot Boxes Slot Machines

We clearly live in a world where gambling is regulated by laws in every single country but, for some crazy reason, it is not regulated in the gaming world.

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UCForce309d ago

Like I said before, it's like gambling system that base on luck. I don't like it at all. One of these days, the developers will abusing the heck out of loot box systems. If you want to find these stuffs, good luck with that. It will be hard, hollow and less rewarding.

Omnisonne307d ago

It's already being abused. It's no coincidence that you get 3 greys and 1 blue (for those playing OW) up to 6 times in a row. Around launch it used to be much more generous, so they toned down the drop rates drastically to get more people to buy boxes, and even then it's a roll of the dice. Not to mention the limited skins that are only obtainable during specific holidays.

It's just a way to cheese people, would've been better if they set some kind of challenge for a few (not all) skins.

Quetzll307d ago

You've been cursed by the RNG gods. I have pretty good luck. Can't dismiss the few times i've gotten back-to-back golds just because i've also had blue streaks.

Having some challenge-based unlocks would be awesome. Those pixel sprays are cool but we need more! They also just announced a new hero!

proofmaster308d ago

I still don't understand how this shit is legal

CyrusLemont308d ago

This huge system of loot boxes and microtransactions has next to no regulation for it. It's come into the market faster than consumer regulators have been able to create and adapt laws to protect the community from them.

"They're still free through gameplay" is not a reasonable excuse when gear collections and progress are severely stunted to psychologically exploit peoples desire to earn a meaningful reward for their effort in these games.

I think this proves just how lucky we are that companies are regulated in other ways because if they could, they'd lodge for advertisements in your bedroom, 30 second ad before you unlock your phone, advertisement stickers on cars that you have to pay not to have etc. but I digress.

The problem is that it's all psychological manipulation which is a lot harder to prove.

The best thing that regulators could do to try and dissuade companies from being so pathetically greedy is to force a notice on these game boxes stating "This game contains altered gameplay to encourage the purchase of microtransactions and loot boxes"

Quetzll307d ago

You're right, but those facts do not apply to Overwatch.