Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta 17+ Minutes of Gameplay

The closed beta opens on Saturday, September 16 officially. There are 17+ Minutes of early gameplay from the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta showing off customization, fighting, hub world, and more.

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Sam Fisher307d ago

How this game is a better mvc game than mvc? Lmao

Im going to preorder this one definitely

Game4r309d ago

I'm expecting a few million in sales with this game!

Fullmetalevolust308d ago

I received my code and I am ready to play :) got my beta DBZ fighter game downloaded, if only they let us play whenever. I know they want to monitor it, but damn lol

Chexs1990308d ago

Dude, did you get a re-direct?
I got the mail, but when I click "get started", it just goes into the browser saying something like "cannot load right now, try again later"... Dunno wtf is going -_-

Fullmetalevolust307d ago

I did a get a code initially to sign up for the beta, once I signed up I had to wait to be selected.
I received an email a couple weeks later (yesterday) saying I was chosen for the beta and it'd only open on a few select days, like Friday I believe and Saturday/Sunday at certain hours.

Chexs1990307d ago

Ah, thanks dude :D
I just got a second one earlier, apparently they sent out a batch of non-functionals. This second batch works fine ;)
Sooooo f*****g excited! :D

link2Dpast308d ago

Sweet zombie Jesus 🤤🤤. Loving the stamps, I died when the player missed the special move with android 18 in the first fight and the player put up that stressed looking vegeta stamp, I remember that pain from marvel vs cacpcom 2 days lol