Introducing The Good Life — Swery is Back!

Swery is back, and his next game has gone up for crowdfunding on Fig! The Good Life is a game that follows the story of Naomi, a New York Photographer in the "happiest town in the world" to earn money to pay back her massive debt. However, the place she's going to is.... "5 and a half hours from London... By BUS?!" "No internet? No cell service? No Starbucks? No clubbing?!" "No New York style pizza! No burritos!" "They let sheep graze anywhere?" "And yet they have, not one pub, but FIVE??" "What were they thinking?!" At first look, the town is perfectly normal, but Naomi soon discovers a very bizarre secret! At night, people turn into cats. Story The Good Life is based in an RPG-style town filled with fun activities and fascinating people, offering a thrilling, twisting murder mystery.

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