Will the Nintendo Switch be a Long-Term Success?

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The Nintendo Switch is officially a half-year old. Despite launching in the Spring (completely opposite of the usual winter/holiday release strategy) and sporting a very unorthodox hybrid design, the system has been a smash hit. Both gamers and non-gamers are happy with the Switch and it’s been finding success worldwide. While it’s great to see Nintendo back in action, the question still remains—will this be a long-term success or a flash in the pan?

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wonderfulmonkeyman218d ago

It's looking better than the Wii U did at the same point in time, so there's cause to be hopeful.
Nintendo just needs to get their act together on the online portion of things, and it'll have a hard time NOT succeeding.

Moonman218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Bethesda has done a damn good job supporting Switch so far. They are showing how easy it is to port to Switch with the amount of games already. Now if Rockstar would 1up them and compete to see "who's bigger and better" on Switch, things will really heat up. Nintendo software has been awesome so far and Odyssey hasn't even released. You don't have to be Phil Collins to "feel it coming in the air" for Switch. This is starting to feel like the Nintendo from the GameCube era at least. And that system was awesome!

Sono421218d ago

I think it will definitely be a long term success. 3rd party support seems to be picking up, Nintendo is bringing their A game in terms of games, the only lackluster thing about it is the online.. I like to think they will improve it but I know better than to get my hopes up.

The_Hooligan218d ago

If Nintendo keeps releasing quality games and getting support from 3rd party devs along with fixing their online part (from what I hear it needs to be fixed), it will definitely be a success. I don't own one yet, only have a ps4, but I want to get one over thanksgiving. Heres hoping they release a great bundle and announce a new DK country. Happy gaming!

masterfox218d ago

nope for obvious technical reasons, lots of constraints from the controllers all the way to the internals.

-GreenRanger218d ago

Only time will tell, but right now things are looking better than what even myself expected, and I've been a fan of the Switch the moment it was announced.

GameBoyColor218d ago

There are games coming out every month through the 2017-2018 pipeline. software will carry the switch and if they can keep this pace the switch will definitely be a success.

Segata218d ago

All consoles hardware ages fast. It matters more how easy it is to program for the hardware and if it has a good API. The Switch supports Vulkan and is why Doom and Wolfenstein II is being released on the system. If we base failure or success purely on how fast the power of a console ages then every console ever made would fail fast.

wonderfulmonkeyman218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Bet you said the same thing during the Wii's rise.
Tech doesn't guarantee anything, one way or another.
But all the signs are pointing towards the Switch continuing to gain momentum once the production kicks up.
And the controllers aren't restraints.XD If anything, the Joycons are the best idea for a non-screen controller Nintendo's ever had.
I don't even know why you hang around the Nintendo section; there isn't a single person here that doesn't know you dislike them, so there's really no point in you continuously coming into Switch articles to heckle it.
Unless you're just doing it to screw with the fans?
Actually, scratch the questioning tone; I'm betting that's it.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory218d ago

Yes. Pokemon Switch - Which is 8th Generation will make it happen.

PhoenixUp218d ago

"Nintendo has been in the console race since the 80s."

Nintendo's first console was actually released in 1977 called Color TV.

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