Could Red Dead Games Come To The Nintendo Switch?

RDR2 writes that "it might be a ways off, but chances are we'll see a Red Dead game on Switch".

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-GreenRanger11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

RDRevolver and RDRedemption maybe. RDR2? Nope.

wonderfulmonkeyman11d ago

What engine does RDR2 use?
If it's something the Switch is compatible with then it's not impossible, however unlikely.

Araragifeels 11d ago

The same engine as GTAV from current consoles but upgraded version so it seems impossible since it an open world game unless they downgrade so hard but I don't it worth the downgraded since they might take contents off to make it for the switch.

-GreenRanger11d ago

It's not what's possible, it's what is likely.

Goldby11d ago


and RDR2 is highly unlikely to make it to the switch.

With the success they have had with GTa, they would ahve brought that over to test the waters before RDR2.

wonderfulmonkeyman11d ago

What's possible has to be taken into account before what's likely can even become a factor, dude.XD

If they can make the engine fit on the Wii U, then aside from maybe a small graphical downgrade [which, if going by the sports titles released so far, would be a negligible concern], it wouldn't be impossible to make it just as viable a version as on any other platform.

Whether Rockstar would do so or not will likely be contingent on how its other offerings sell, like LA Noire, though, so I don't exactly disagree with your notion that it's not likely.
Still, for those that want it on the Switch, it isn't a bad thing to HOPE.

-GreenRanger11d ago

I agree that it isn't a bad thing to hope, as long as you get prepared for the worst. I really would love RDR2 on the Switch. I'm getting Skyrim, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2. I haven't gotten Disgaea 5 or Mario & Rabbids yet. RDR2 would be the best of all the titles listed here.

VenomSnakeRisingX10d ago

ok, but Wii sold more then PS3 and 360 and never got Red Dead Redemption or Max Payne 3 or GTA 4 or 5 or even the older GTA's. So I'm not sure how you can think it will get Red Dead Redemption 2, when Wii selling 100 million didn't get Wii any GTA, not even the older ports from PS2, that PC, ios, PS3 and 360 got.

I don't see how all history and logic is just cast aside when it comes to begging for ports. Basically this is every week of some article begging for a PC, PS4 or XONE game to come to Switch.

Might as well start waiting for GTAIV to come to Wii. Does that make sense to you?

wonderfulmonkeyman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The difference is that the Wii only had popularity on its side.
The Switch has both popularity and tech. If an engine that's compatible with the Switch is used, then it's more than possible for RDR2 to come to Switch.
I don't know why you hate the idea of that so much that you fight against anyone who expresses the fact that it's possible. If anything doesn't make sense, it's your attitude on this, which is pretty reflective of the negative nancies of the gaming community that thought the Switch would flop right out of the gate.

Switch detractors have gone from denying that AAA third party games like Doom would ever come to the Switch, straight into ridiculing those that wanted it to happen as port-beggers the moment those games do start coming to it.
That or moving the goalposts up to the next graphically-intensive AAA in an attempt to dodge the fact that the Switch IS getting some highly-rated ports from third parties, acting as if it's a bad thing all the while. And that's just silly.

To put it bluntly, your attitude against the Switch is more than a little...venomous.

PhoenixUp11d ago

Put Red Dead Revolver on Switch just to see how people would react

scarface012111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Hate hate and more hate. Especially the Sony fanboys who think no 3rd party games arnt available for switch and it's just a secondary console etc...

2pacalypsenow11d ago


Everybody thinks that lol.

PommyGit11d ago

I too think that Red Dead Revolver would be most likely

zivtheawesome11d ago

Rdr1 nope. It was a development mess of spaghetti code and they wouldnt touch it again unless if they remake the entire code from the ground up

ninsigma11d ago

The first two maybe. We've seen it's possible for games like Skyrim. RDR 2 might be a bit too much of an ask. But we'll see. I never expected Doom or Wolfenstein 2 to make it to Switch, so can't say it's impossible.

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