Nintendo Switch Exclusive Project Octopath Traveler Gets Plenty of Charming Screenshots and Art

NIntendo and Square Enix showcases the characters and battle system of Project Octopath Traveler in a batch of new screenshots and high resolution artwork.

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Bahamut185d ago

Looks awesome! I love the way they blend the 2D and 3D graphics together.

neocores8055185d ago

This is making me buy a Switch TBH ...

The 10th Rider185d ago

It looks like Switch could become the go-to console for JRPG's. It has the potential to get all the AAA home console RPG's like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest while also getting smaller JRPG's like the ones the 3DS and Vita got.

neocores8055184d ago

Yeah i hope to see triple AAA RPGS... But i want more of these 8bit RPS not the shitty looking ones.. The ones that look and play right like this one or FF6

Neonridr185d ago

absolutely, I love the art style.

EddieNX 185d ago

It's built on UE4 as well, the lighting 8s particularly good!!!

We must be careful what we say though!!!! When I said this is one of the prettiest games I've seen (with its gorgeous, charming art style) we seem to get attacked by jealous Nintendo haters telling me stop exaggerating 😂😂😂

I'm not exaggerating one bit, after playing the demo I'm even more convinced on how gorgeous this game is!!!

DivineAssault 185d ago

This game is all i could ask for from square on the switch.. I love the retro treatment

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory185d ago

Now LISTEN Square Enix. If you ever EVER plan to remake Final Fantasy V or VI. PLEASE for the Love of GOD!
Give it to Silicon Studio and Bravely Default Team!

Just imagining FFVI in this HD-2D would be the greatest thing ever. Even remaking old Square Soft RPG would be great.

michellelynn0976185d ago

Ok, J am gonna say it. This is the new trend setter of RPGs. I can see lots of clones of this game. I am so excited about this game.

Cyro185d ago

I enjoyed the demo so I'll probably get this once it comes out.