Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Edition Bundle Confirmed

Super Mario Odyssey is one of Nintendo's biggest releases this year and Nintendo plans to give those without a Switch another reason to pick one up this season. The Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle.

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Erik7357311d ago

Well I know this is going to be a shitshow to get

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instantstupor311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

I'll look to get a Switch in the coming months, but ultimately not this one. While I love the red Joycons, I wish there were a few more flourishes to make this console seem a more specialized edition. More to the point, though, is that I'm not a fan of the pack-in being a download code. The Switch has only so much memory. Sure, I'll shell out for a 128GB Micro SD, but I also prefer owning as many things physically as I can - doubly so for the Switch given its finite internal memory.

So if I'm lucky, this bundle will take some attention away from standard bundles, and I can just grab a $300 one and buy myself a physical copy of Odyssey to go along with it lol.

Yi-Long310d ago

Agreed. Bundling a console with download codes is just being very very cheap, especially when that console already barely has any storage.

I know that kinda crap was one of the main reasons why I didn't buy a WiiU. I think it was with Zelda WW that was bundled with a code. Later MK8 bundles did the same.

Kidmyst310d ago

Glad I picked up a Switch a couple weeks ago when my Target near me finally had some in stock. This bundle is going to be hard to find and will sell for more online,

Vegamyster311d ago

Pretty cool, good luck grabbing one of them though lol.

PhoenixUp311d ago

$380 seems a bit much for this bundle

-GreenRanger311d ago

It's priced like this because it will sell the same as if it were cheaper. Business 101.

PhoenixUp311d ago

No this bundle costs more than if you were to get the console and the game separately

instantstupor311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

The bundle includes a carrying case as well, so assuming it would fetch $20ish on its own (as it seems most other cases tend to go for), this bundle is just a bundle. No savings or gouging. The price is the price, as it were.

Veneno311d ago

It is gouging because that case costed $3 to make in slave labor wages.

instantstupor311d ago

@Veneno Then the case is price gouging, not this bundle which was the focus of this discussion. If you want to debate slave labor wages and actual item cost, that's another discussion entirely.

Veneno311d ago

The point is that no one asked for a carrying case bundled in with the gaming part of it . Therefore it is gouging you for an extra 20. Rip off.

CaptainN310d ago

@Veneno, Do you remember the Zelda Master Editions price at launch. It didn't even come with the console, but people valued the statue,carry case, map, coin and soundtrack. All of those things cost penny's to make, but people want them to collect or have. Bringing up the cost to produce something is irrelevant because most things in this world cost very little to make. Companies have other factors to pay for, electricity, shipping, employee wages etc. that all get included in price on top of making profit. Plus for some people, its just easier if the manufacturer just bundles everything so they don't have to buy things separately. Some parents don't know anything at all about games, so when they hear it comes with a game and a carrying case they may be more inclined to buy it knowing they only have to pick up one box instead of shopping aimlessly with no knowledge of what to get !!

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Gemmol311d ago

dude use common sense

299.99 for system
59.99 for game
19.99 for case

PhoenixUp311d ago

Yes I know there's a carrying case in the bundle.

My point is that bundles are generally supposed to save consumers money than if they were to buy all the items included in the bundle separately.

In this case you'd be just as well off buying all the items separately since it'll all add up to the same cost.

Nintendo4Lifex311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

They releasing a red pair of joy con for sale separately now?

PhoenixUp311d ago

So you're basically paying same price for a paint job?

Erik7357310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

And they will get away with it just because its better than paying 400 dollars on ebay for a standalone Switch ya know? I myself will probably wait after Christmas and get one at a regular price

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RosweeSon311d ago

Considering it's Mario you'd think they bang a little M in white symbol on the Joy cons or paint the dock as well seems a bit underwhelming but hey does that job. Game is gonna be amazing didn't watch any of that part of the direct tho don't wanna spoil the surprise

BlaqMagiq1311d ago

This would've been a great bundle if it was $350 instead of $380 and Mario Odyssey was a physical game instead of digital. Oh well. I'll wait for a restock of the regular Switch.

Gemmol311d ago

no switch bundle will be less.......its 299 for system, 59.99 for game.....19.99 for basically going to do the same either way

if you pick this bundle or any other bundle or buying it separate.....everyone who own a switch own a case, so you will pay 380, when you ready

Erik7357311d ago

Lets be honest though, that case probably cost 3 bucks

letsa_go311d ago

Get the game for $48 through best buy gamers club or amazon prime. Only fools pay full price for games.

BlaqMagiq1311d ago

I can get the game for $48 through Best Buy GCU and I can get a Switch case for $15 (or even less). So that doesn't help me at all.

Gemmol310d ago

i respect you want physical, im all digital, I use to do the 20 percent discount got both zelda and mario kart for less, but sold them to get them for digital, not going back, love the convenience switching games with ease

BlaqMagiq1310d ago

If you're a digital guy then more power to you. Digital has its advantages as well.

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