All Confirmed Locations for Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the biggest games of this year and while all the stages haven't been released yet some have been confirmed by Nintendo. These are all the stages confirmed by Nintendo that will be in Super Mario Odyssey.

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DivineAssault 220d ago

Im honestly trying to forget the different worlds i saw.. I want this game to surprise me at every turn.. I liked the trailer a lot.. I really hope nintendo doesnt flood the game with blocked DLC though.. All those items/costumes look like a bridge for microtransactions..

Nodoze220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Looks divine. Impressive on so many levels. Best of all (and I may get flack for saying it), no new control scenario to work out and adapt to. Just good old dual stick responsiveness. Super Mario 3d on WiiU also had this, but the two screen was a bit awkward, and at least in our house, nobody wanted to get into the controller (always having to kid glove it as if that think are screwed). I love that this is not an issue for the Switch. You can always replace the buttons and sticks on the Switch (joycon swap out). Love that.