Nintendo Switch Exclusive Project Octopath Traveler Gets New Trailer; Demo Coming Today

During the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo and Square Enix introduced a brand new trailer of the upcoming JRPG Project Octopath Traveler.

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EddieNX 90d ago

My jaw dropped watching that... it's one of the most visually striking games I've ever seen.

sd1190d ago

I wouldn't go that far, but the art style is nice. This and Xenoblade are my 2 most wanted switch games.

EddieNX 90d ago

It's really original and gorgeous imo. A perfect blend of SNES and UE4 graphics. It's striking and gorgeous not like super demanding high end graphics obviously...

thegamefox9389d ago

suprised you didn't include mario

sd1189d ago

I will definitely buy Mario, but for some reason I rarely anticipate its release. Zelda and Xenoblade were the reasons I purchased Switch day 1.Most likely I will use the system for RPG's more than anything else.

notachance90d ago

'from the developer of Bravely Default'

'nuff said, day 1 buy for me

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Kun_ADR90d ago

I also do think that the graphic look great. It is like a 3D SNES rpg. I can't wait for this.

tontontam090d ago (Edited 90d ago )

don't mind the downvotes, those are from "ultra hard 4k realistic graphics games with guns pew pew shooterz are the best fans"

If you don't appreciate this type of graphics there is a perfect game for you it's called "real life" just go buy a gun and it'll be a shooter game.

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browngamer4189d ago

I completely agree, when I saw this trailer my jaw hit the floor, holy crap this is one beautiful game. Don't mind the haters, they are just salty

Gr8b8m889d ago

It is also one of the most visually striking games I've ever seen. Ever since Square teased it a while back, it has been the sole reason I will be buying a Switch.

It reminds me of Tactics, FFVI, etc. I wish more games were this beautiful.

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wonderfulmonkeyman90d ago

HD-2D. That's pretty cool; a blend of old and new, and the 8 protags having their own unique skill to make the story play out differently is also pretty neat.
I'll definitely be getting this one. Switch's RPG game is getting pretty damned strong.

notachance90d ago

apparently you can play through the 8 regions in any order you want, it made me remember the first dragon age which is a great thing

definitely getting this one

wonderfulmonkeyman90d ago

That's good news, and did you hear that MUSIC?
Man, the team behind Bravely consistently NAILS great music tracks. I don't know how they do it, but if they ever made a compilation disk of all the music from all the games they've helped Squeenix make, I'd buy that in a heart-beat.

EddieNX 90d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman. Download the demo and listen to the music !!! I had to leave the title screen on for 5 mins.....

This game is looking awesome. Come to think of it, so do many other Switch exclusives.

link2Dpast90d ago

looked sweet, I personally wouldn't go for it but it definitely is a nice game to have available for the system. Only gripe is everything looked just way to dark

GameBoyColor90d ago

Nice will definitely try it out

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