DOOM, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Switch Announcement Trailer

Switch Announcement Trailer of DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

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Genuine-User191d ago

This one was unexpected. Good for those that only own a Switch ☺

LOL_WUT191d ago

This was a nice surprise to see. ;)

NewMonday190d ago

Switch is for real, feel it's going to be the best Nintendo platform since the SNES.

Sono421190d ago

I mean, cool for anyone who doesn't own it already on something else, but it being portable is not enough for me to buy it again.

The 10th Rider190d ago


I mean, it's already looking like it will get better third party support than the Wii U. On top of that in the first nine months alone it's got Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Snipperclips, Mario + Rabbids, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms, Splatoon 2, Pokken Tournament Deluxe, plus an exclusive Bomberman and some great exclusive indie games. It's already got one of the best first year line-ups of any game console and there's some big games already confirmed, such as Fire Emblem, No More Heroes, Pokemon, Pikmin 4, and Metroid Prime 4.

Nintendo's really turned it around this gen.

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wonderfulmonkeyman191d ago

My family owns a PS4 and I'll still be getting this for Switch instead.
It's good no matter which way one spins it, honestly; it's not the first time I've seen people asking for one of these two games.
The multiplayer of Doom has me particularly interested; I'm hoping Nintendo sorts out their in-game chat problems before it drops.

sd11191d ago

Doom is an excellent game, definitely a worthwhile purchase.

morganfell191d ago

Nintendo + Multiplayer....yeah I do not see the in game chat being sorted. They blew two generations and couldn't fix the issue. Splatoon is a great game and their solution there was no solution.

wonderfulmonkeyman191d ago

I know. I don't like the chat solution of Splatoon either so I'm not holding my breath for chat in Doom.
But who knows? The dev behind Doom might step in and make it happen.
Also, while it doesn't make it a better solution than regular chat by any stretch, the phone option recently got an update so you can run it while other apps are going, or while your phone is in sleep mode, so that's something I guess...

Genuine-User191d ago

Whatever suits you. I am happy with the PlayStation version of Doom and Wolfenstein.

Apex13190d ago

I own all of them and I'm switch version all the way too

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EddieNX 191d ago

Or for those that want AAA FPS games on the go!!

Istolla191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Good for gamers period. I have a PS4, but I'm getting the Switch versions.

Genuine-User191d ago

Are you mainly a portable gamer?

Unreal01190d ago

He must be. Otherwise there is no reason for someone to opt for a Switch version over a PS4 version.

wonderfulmonkeyman190d ago

Not true.
If you don't really care about the graphics, then there's no real reason for someone to opt for the PS4 version over the Switch version, even if you only ever play it docked.[barring issues with chat in multi, that is]
Either one is just as fine a choice as the other, it just depends on how you look at it.

Istolla189d ago

Actually not really (I play portably 30% of the time). For those moments where I need to take my gaming on the go, the switch is perfect. Also, when the TV isn't free I can play portably.

Honestly, I just prefer gaming on the Switch. I don't care much about graphics, and the Switch has made gaming fun for me and my friends again.

Before you ask, no I'm not a Nintendo fanboy. I've skipped several of their consoles because I didn't like their approach.

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Theyellowflash30190d ago

I don't ONLY own a Switch and it was a great announcement for me. Portable DOOM along with Home Console DOOM is a lot more attractive than just HOME console DOOM.

190d ago
deafdani190d ago

I own a PS4 as well. I loved The New Order.

But I'll be getting the Switch version of Wolfie Ii, if the gameplay isn't compromised.

Portability is a big bonus for me.

Neonridr190d ago

or for those who want options

michellelynn0976190d ago

Not really, people could want this just for the portable availability.

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FallenAngel1984191d ago

Bethesda is showing Nintendo even more love

TallonIV191d ago

DOOM 2016 is one of my fav games this gen, will definitely double dip.

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stupidusername191d ago

This is good and unexpected. I'm curious on how inferior the graphics will look compared to its more powerful competitors.

spicelicka191d ago

You can see the graphics in the trailer.

stupidusername191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Only for Doom and it looks great without very noticable differences from the other platforms at first glance. Seeing the product released and compared to the other platforms is a different case than seeing a few seconds clip.
But the Switch seems to produce really great graphics so far compared to what others here on N4G were anticipating if third party games were to release on switch.

About30Ninjas190d ago

@stupidusername the Switch may be underpowered but the switch version of Doom doesn't look bad compare to the PS4 version

Istolla191d ago

Excellent, salt for my fries. Keep it coming.

stupidusername191d ago

What salt? It's a fact that ps4 and xbox one are capable of producing better graphics, and I''m wondering how noticable that difference in power will be. So far Doom on Switch looks awesome, and the difference is far far less than a lot of people were anticipating. I've not played it yet so I'm tempted to buy the Switch version as I love having my games handeld.

Neonridr190d ago

@stupidusername - I think it's because your original statement made it seem like the Switch version will look ugly. From what we saw it looks solid. Obviously the graphics will be compromised in handheld mode since it can only do 720p. But on a screen that size you wouldn't even notice the extra detail.

We don't expect the Switch version to match the PS4/XB1 versions toe-to-toe. The sheer fact that the game is possible without doing massive downgrading shows that the Switch isn't as bad as we thought.

stupidusername190d ago

@Neonridr - It would probably look better if I didn´t use the word "inferior". At the same time I think many are overly defensive and tend to jump the gun.

Mykky191d ago

Thought the same. From what we saw of Doom and what we've seen from Fifa 18 it seems that the Switch versions will be downgraded quite a bit, but that is fully expected. I guess the question will be id u want the game handeld or with better graphics if u own several consoles.

Neonridr190d ago

from what we saw of Doom? What makes you think that it's downgraded quite a bit? They even showed some comparison shots (in another article) and literally the only thing was less depth of field and slighly lower resolution textures. But the game still looked and felt like Doom.

Kun_ADR191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

N4G: The Switch won't have and can't run AAA games!
Bethesda: we'll release Doom and Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch.
N4G: Downgrade!!!!1!!!!1!!!!

Lmao. It looks like these N4G "expert" are wrong again.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory191d ago

They got exposed.
Like they still won't learn.
Here the list:
1. Switch is going to be dead on arrival
2. Switch won't get major third party
3. Just a bunch of ports and wii u ports
4. Switch owners are buying third party games, a lot of third party and indie games are selling better on Switch that all other system.
5. They claim Switch owners are just thirsty
6. They also claim Switch games are selling because not much to choose from
7. Now Switch get about almost a dozen AAA Third Party Western game.
8. They backtrack and say oh it's a downgrade after claiming it wouldn't be able to run on it the Switch

stupidusername190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Why do I get compared to N4G's Nintendo haters by just wondering how Switch will fare graphics wise?
I got a Switch myself and I'm curious to see how the third party games hold up as I've also got a PS4 to buy third party games for.
I thought about buying Fifa18 on Switch but the Switch version doesn't have the story mode and the graphics were reduced significantly. I'm hoping future third party games like Doom and Wolfenstein 2 on Switch will have the same content as it does on other platforms and that the graphics won't be downgraded too much.

Neonridr190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

@stupidusername - to be honest, who expects a "story" mode in a sports game? Such a strange thing to have. I mean imagine just being able to pop out your switch while you are sitting at a cafe, waiting for a bus, doing whatever you might do during the day, and play a quick game? I get that the PS4 and XB1 versions have frostbite and ooooohs and aaaaaahs pour from the skies. But when is a sports game about 4K graphics or whatever? It's not like the Switch version will look ugly in any way, shape or form.

cpayne93190d ago

Pretfy reasonable question, funny how everyone gets triggered by the word inferior. I'm wondering the same thing, but it will still probably look good enough to be worth owning.

Neonridr190d ago

inferior implies negativity. You could say different, or modified.

cpayne93190d ago

No need to be that pc about a video game lol

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EddieNX 191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I've not played doom yet or wolfenstein so this is great. Doom has decent online multilayer mode as well? Which is good for the Switch!

Bethesda proving you can get current generation games on Switch with a bit of love and effort!!!

ElementX191d ago

I played online a few times. It's pretty cool.

EddieNX 191d ago

I was thinking Switch Needs a gritty mature online FPS and this is Perfect one!!! Activision can shove COD up their a$$!!! watch them come crawling with a COD game soon though when the installed Base grows lol.

TekoIie191d ago

Personally havent played the online for Doom (not my thing) but the single player alone is extremely good so I'd recommend it for that alone.

EddieNX 191d ago

I played the demo on my XB1 an it blew me away just haven't bought it yet. I'll wait for the Switch version.

The idea of dominating people in Starbucks online is getting better by the minute!!

sd11191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I wish all remakes were as good as doom, it is a fantastic game. Personally I will not double dip as I own it on pc, but if not it would be a day 1 purchase.

Stevonidas191d ago

I too own it for PC, but I'm willing to re-buy it if the price is right. $39.99 should do the trick.

yellowgerbil191d ago

Yeah Bethesda has pretty much put the last nail in the coffin on the argument that the Switch is too weak to play ps4 and xbox level games. Drop a games resolution to 720 and it becomes much more managable, and 720 looks amazing on a 7in screen

nyctophilia13191d ago

I'd rather play a fast paced FPS like Doom on a 65 inch screen but that's just me.

Stevonidas191d ago


So dock the bitch and take a seat.

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