Suda51 Wants to be Indie Gaming's Biggest Evangelist With Travis Strikes Again

Suda51 is back in the director's chair for No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again. It's not No More Heroes 3, but to be honest it sounds more interesting. Travis Strikes Again is a collaborative project between Grasshopper Manufacture and various indie developers, of which so far Hotline Miami's Dennaton Games and potentially Shovel Knight's Yacht Club have been announced. Under the direction of punk video gamer Suda51, Travis Strikes Again takes Travis through six different indie game collaborations but with Grasshopper staples like pop-culture references galore, post-modern sensibilities, dirty jokes, and cool as hell bosses.

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eagle21336d ago

One of my most anticipated Switch games. One of the games that made me want Switch...

Super Mario Odyssey
No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again
Metroid Prime 4
Seasons Of Heaven

the inevitable release of Mario Kart 9.....that's my baby right there. :)