Nintendo is Having an Amazing Year

From the Switch and Zelda to Metroid and Mario, the company is firing on all cylinders.

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Moonman255d ago

Absolutely. Money coming in faster than they can ship the products out.

Soulst0rmer254d ago

Just got a Switch and Zelda. Wow, what a game. The Octopath Traveler demo is slick too and I'm pumped for that.

SuperSonic91254d ago

I hope they alrwady broke even

Ristul254d ago

I have a feeling this will be the best Nintendo generation in a long time!

InTheZoneAC254d ago

Oh **** someone actually knows when to use IS instead of ARE in the title!

Fist4achin254d ago

All your base, are belong to us!

gbsrnctaln254d ago

Nintendo "are" having an amazing year FIFY

meganick254d ago

Nope. A group or company is singular, so the "is" is appropriate.

Razzer254d ago

Think the usage differs regionally

gbsrnctaln253d ago

It was a joke lol.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves on the internet.

AizenSosuke254d ago

Absolutely, brought games games games.. and games for the future. They're looking great.

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The story is too old to be commented.