Dead Space 2 Added To EA Access Vault For Xbox One

Dead Space 2 has been made available to all the EA Access subscribers on the Xbox One.

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Lexreborn288d ago

I added dead space 1,2 and 3 to my PC and the games run over 200fps. I know if my PC can do that with Ultra settings what's taking them so long on releasing the PS4/Xbone versions with the same settings and unlock that framerate

Gman3288d ago

Theres always someone like you saying PC version game runs and looks better ok but this not about pc we're talking about a console version of the game dam

Lexreborn288d ago

Umm I said what we gotta do to get a remaster of them on PS4/Xbone that unlocks the framerate in increase output which if my PC can do I know the Xbone and PS4 can handle it and would want it. So yeah I'm talking about a console version duh!

whiteblue88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You are so awesome!!!please marry me

SolidGear388d ago

I want them remastered too!

Gman3287d ago

No you're not you said your pc runs better

Lexreborn287d ago

Yeah you can't read, I said I know if my PC can run it at Ultra or "better" as you say I said. Then PS4 or Xbone could handle it fine. That's exactly what i said

Lexreborn287d ago

It's cool I know people have a hard time admitting when their wrong. Especially when they jump the gun and re-interpret people's words into something that bothers them.

Gman3286d ago

Stop being on the Internet all day and go get a woman and hey might change your life

Lexreborn285d ago

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon
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When you coming home, dad?
I don't know when…

Gman3284d ago

Whats in the bowl b*#*h oh-andrew dice clay

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