Top 10 Sequels That Disappointed Hard

Screen Critics takes a look back at the top 10 video game sequels that left us bitterly disappointed. From Tomb Raider to GTA, which games disappointed you?

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oIITSBIIo461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Arkham Knight was great IMO, Crysis 2 was pretty good also.

ScreenCritics461d ago

I remember really being underwhelmed by Crysis 2. I adored the first game, really wanted the sequel to go crazy.

trouble_bubble461d ago

Crisis 3 is what killed the franchise. Much like Dead Space 3.

bouzebbal460d ago

Batman and DS3 are amazing!!!
DS3 was a seemless adventure. Ok it has weaknesses like not many new enemies but the game is overall a step in the right direction.
TR on the other hand was utter shit...

Muadiib461d ago

I agree, but not about Crysis 2.

Averyashimself461d ago

Yea, how could anyone complain about Arkham Knight? Call me crazy, but that was a great game.

LegoIsAwesome461d ago

Batman AK was immensely good but too much batmobile boss fight ruined the experience for me.

Forn460d ago

No Devil May Cry 2? Really? What a lame list.

CandarianGaming460d ago

Arkham knight is not a bad game but in comparison to asylum and city it's terrible

Muadiib460d ago

I much preferred it to City, even now I go back to Knight just to drive around the city so much, it's so darn fun. Tried City again recently and it felt like a major step back. Origin was bad though, couldn't make it more than a few hours, it was such a drop in quality.

notachance460d ago

what amazes me is that there's no Mafia 3 in there

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chrisx461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

I enjoyed gta 4, even more so than 5. I pretty much agree with everything else on the list, crysis2 was puke inducing and tomb raider angel of darkness is one of the most boring games ever. I also prefer arkham origins over arkham knight

PhoenixUp461d ago

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Muadiib460d ago

Loved that game, really hope it would come to Steam.

2pacalypsenow461d ago

GTA 4 was a huge downgrade from SA.

trouble_bubble461d ago

Agreed. Even 4's DLC was better than the main game lol!

Liberty City as a whole just isn't as interesting a locale as Vice City or San Andreas. Niko and his euro sweats can't hold a candle to GTA5's cast.

goldwyncq461d ago

Disagree. Niko is a much more compelling character than anyone in V.

2pacalypsenow461d ago

I hated the multiple characters in GTA5, none of them except for maybe Trevor is as memorable as Claude, CJ, or Tommy Verceti.

Multiple characters was the worst part of GTA 5 for me.

mafiahajeri461d ago

Nah it was a hugeeeee jump in tech it was a showcase of what was possible in terms of graphics and physics.

2pacalypsenow461d ago

Right if you're talking about a tech demo, then I would agree with that, but as a game it was a downgrade since it was half the game SA was, it was basically a modified GTA 3.

mafiahajeri461d ago

Modified gta3? I highly diagree. The gun play and fighting system aswell as driving all are lightyears away then anything in the ps2 era...

2pacalypsenow461d ago

But got rid of almost everything SA had, it was pretty barebone.

mafiahajeri460d ago

I get what youre trying to say but the tech made up for it in spades.

San andreas looks and plays like crap today compared. I believe GTA 4 will look decent for a long time.

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agent13461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Gta 4 was the best gta ever it's story was much more serious than gta 5 I like a gta game with dark and serious story not a fun online sandbox!(gta 5 is great but it's story could be better)
and batman arkham knight was awesome specially with batmobil.

stefan_771460d ago

It's the worst story IMO. It's far too long and it's plot is unfocused and spread very thin

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