Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Gets Two New Wet & Wild Trailers

Senran Kagura's sexy shinobi make waves in new Peach Beach Splash trailers ahead of the game's September 26 release on the PS4.

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derkasan219d ago

This game's fanservice is off the charts...I love it.

TomatoDragon219d ago

My No Shoes No Shirt edition arriving soon. :)

Nacho_Z219d ago

Personally I'd rather play a genuinely good game then watch some hentai, but to be fair this does look kind of fun gameplay wise.

Servbot41219d ago

All the Senran Kagura games are actually pretty fun to play (although I haven't played Beach Splash to form an opinion yet), and if you are playing them on PC, you can get what you want in terms of more "fanservice."

ErogeMaster218d ago

Juvenile fanservice does it's job.