The Xbox Descends Into Oblivion

There is always a ton of speculation when a new company releases their first console. Questions always arise in the early days and the way they are answered could determine the length at which the company can continue to stay in the console making business.

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ChipdiddyChip340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

One of the most retarded pieces I have ever read, another no name site spewing rhetoric.

''At this point the Xbox One in any form is a bad investment. The games just aren’t there. While the life cycle of each console generation increases as new iterations of the prior system are released every couple of years, (more resembling current cell phone trends than former console generations) the time has come for Sony and Nintendo to make the consoles and Microsoft to provide high quality games to be played on these systems. Big first party titles such as Halo and Gears of War can easily transition to Sony’s platform and developers (such as Rare) can return to Nintendo the way God intended. Finally allowing us to play that Banjo Kazooie sequel on the Switch we’ve all been hoping for.''

Why the hell would Microsft quit making hardware and software for their own platforms to then make less money by making software for other platforms, its just a stupid business move. This opinion piece has narrowed minded fanboy opinion written all over it. Dont waste your time giving them clicks.

2pacalypsenow340d ago

Stupid article but to answer your question, MS was built on Software, they make most of their money on software.

bouzebbal340d ago

Xbox is making both..obviously they don't care about software much since all they could do is a new hardware

Eonjay340d ago

Actually the new console doesn't make money but if you want to know how Microsoft can still make a profit, it because of live and the fact they collect platform fees. It's a net positive for them because the dont spend money on game development so there is nothing to lose. It is more profitable for them to not make games and That's really the point.

ThePope340d ago

If you look at their hardware its some of the best around. From the X1X, X1 controller (not the mention the Elite), Surface, and surface laptop. MS is really coming into its own.

And before you reply either take off the fanboy blinders, or just dont reply.

Bigpappy340d ago

I fully agree with "Eonjay". But that doesn't tell the whole story. M$ will get back to making 1st party games on Xbox. But failures in this industry are very, very expensive. So they will only get released if Phil thinks they will be profitable. This time around, they will not me made public until close to release. Sometime though, I notice that he lets things slide under the guise of fan service and keeping things in there original form (Crackdown and Phantom Dust anyone?).

morganfell340d ago

"M$ will get back to making 1st party games on Xbox."

And your proof is ...where? MS has been on a downward game spiral since last generation. Not making new 1st part games but cancelling one title after another another and shuttering studios. What great 1st party studios are cranking out what new titles? You can want what you wish but you are going against history. I could understand your optimism if it had a shred of proof. What games are you talking about? Sea of Thieves and Crackdown? Forza? HALO? Gears? And for the record the games MS does make are on the Xbox AND PC.

nix339d ago

But come on guys, we all know it's spiralling downhill since Xbox 1.

shaggy2303339d ago

"What games are you talking about? Sea of Thieves and Crackdown? Forza? HALO? Gears? And for the record the games MS does make are on the Xbox AND PC"

Your right, but those games are still CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE.

Some people seem to think that gamers everywhere only want the best, the biggest, the fastest etc. etc. I work day in and day out on a computer, the last thing I want to do is crank one up at home to play games. I want to crash out on the couch and turn my TV one and play a game.

That doesn't mean that all people are like this, but I for one don't want to play games on a PC.

morganfell339d ago

"Your right, but those games are still CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE. "

One cannot brag about the feature known as Play Anywhere and then act as if a game's appearance on PC is irrelevant.

darthv72339d ago

Well damn... and here i thought it was about an xbo version of Oblivion was coming. That is one of my favorite games in the Elder Scrolls series.

dumahim339d ago

So they shouldn't branch out and do other related lines of business? Better tell Amazon to go back to selling just books.

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morganfell340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

"The way god intended"? Really?

G20WLY340d ago

Of course! Commandment #11 😉

morganfell340d ago

Thank you G20WLY. Mead just shot out my nose but you made my evening :)

Miss_Weeboo340d ago

Well it's a nice expression. Lets not be to harsh on it. If Nintendo own Rare they would still be awesome

kingarthur4747340d ago

What kind of thing is that to say?! I am a Christian and I don't intend to read trash from that site again.

IamTylerDurden1339d ago

Do u dispute that Rare is more at home with Nintendo than MS?

morganfell339d ago

Ha ha no. Of course they are better with Ninty. I dispute the fact that Rare is supposed to be there because some mythical being intended it.

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Babadook7340d ago

"Why the hell would Microsft quit making hardware and software for their own platforms to then make less money by making software for other platforms,"

They would have 60 million new potential customers on PS4 alone.

KillBill339d ago

They make more on XBLG subscriptions and Developer percentages than they ever could dropping their system and simply transferring into a software only company.

yeahright2339d ago

Yeah, exhibit A: minecraft.

dunnyone339d ago

Consoles are sold at a loss - software is how companies recoup that loss.

IamTylerDurden1339d ago

To be perfectly honest MS is not very adept at making hardware and they ARE very adept at making software. Also, MS is so wealthy and so hyper focused on profit that it's not as far off as you may think for them get out of the hardware business, focus on software, or even sell the xbox division if it starts losing money.

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corroios340d ago

The dreamcast was very powerfull and it also got amazing games, but went down..... I cant imagine what would happend if Microsoft spent a billion like they did with minecraft and bought the company. Microsoft would have tons of IP's and exclusives games that they could bring to the Xbox.

But i know that exclusive games dont sell consoles, 4k PR and enhanced games is much better, 4k textures, amazing 4k, crisp 4k and so on. It much better then bringing to next gen games like altered beast, Shinobi, Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe, teojam and earl, phantasy star, streets of rage, jet set radio and so many more.

Its even worse, because i dont know how in the hell will Microsoft try to sell the next Xbox, because if the X is already a true 4k machine what will be the Xbox 2 in the 2021 or 2022? 8k machine? or Microsoft will launch the next box at 2025?

Microsoft would be much smarter to wait another year and launch a new console in november 2018. Starting the next gen before Sony and having time to launch with strong lineup.

bumbleforce340d ago

That would 've a bad idea because Sony would just release a more powerful ps5. Ms is better waiting till ps5 comes out and release x2 6 months to a year after with more power

KwietStorm340d ago

They're damned if they do and damned if they don't at this point. If they release now, like they are, they're throwing a hail Mary because of their position in the market, and while the Xbox-only games aren't there, they can cater to the most hardcore Xbox fans and say hey all the games look better on our box anyway.

On the flip side, they're already a year after the PS4 Pro. Waiting another year would put them in dangerous territory with the PS5 looming. They would probably only have a year or so to showcase the One X before being outshined, again.

So while the gen is already a wash, the One X is an amazingly designed machine, and they pretty much have to release it sooner than later in order to get something going. I'm ecstatic that a console with such design exists period, just because of what it means for the industry going forward. With x86 architecture a standard, and now the One X, maybe consoles are finally maturing.

UltraNova339d ago

Great comment, fully agree.

The best scenario would be MS releasing the xb1x the same month the Ps4 Pro was, then they would have at least 3 years to show why games look better on their system. But that chance is long gone since the ps5 is a couple years out and AAA 1st party games are nowhere near to be found on xb1x.

They are now stuck in a perpetual cycle of getting outshined a couple years after they release any new product without ever having the chance to hit their stride(1st 2 years is not enough to take full advantage of a new system).

That said, I'm truly excited a console this well designed is coming out. It means everyone will have to seriously up their game! (Well maybe not Nintendo...).

KickSpinFilter340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Ah but exclusives do help sell consoles
Look at it this way:

Exclusive Games: A1, B1, C1, D2, E2, F1

Multi-plat 3rd Party AAA's XX,

Player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

So All players picked up game XX

While Player 1,2,5 Picked up Game A1, B1 +XX

Player 6 picked up F1 +XX

Player 3 picked up only C1 +XX

Player 4 picked up D2, E2 +XX

Exclusive Games Key: Letter Number = Game, and Console 1 or Console 2

So while every player bought 3rd party game XX, most were steered in the Console's 1 direction due to the choices in exclusives. Sure they did not sell as much combined as the XX game, but there was choice, a diversity of exclusives on console 1 that led more to buy that system.

So yes, exclusives do matter quite a lot.
Cements player base, Keeps 3rd party engaged in DLC first deals.
Warrants developers releasing a game to that console over another console.
Larger player base engaged supplies funds for console company to reinvest into company infrastructure.
Sells more systems
Just to name an obvious few.

kungfuian340d ago

I'm gonna say you might be autistic. Quick how many virtual toothpicks did I drop.

Also I totally agree, lol

KillBill339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Like you are just making crap up. Exclusives don't even sell close to what you just pointed out compared to non-exclusive games.

You had 6 exclusives compared to a single AAA non-exclusive title. The make-up of games available to gamers is far different than what you present in the scenario.

Closer to a user buying 6 non-exclusives and maybe 1 exclusive. Than what you showed here.

trooper_339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Kill Bill, then please explain how the PS4 is manhandling the XB1 if exclusives don't sell consoles?

I'll wait.

KickSpinFilter339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Clearly you did not read what I wrote:
Game XX, everyone bought and is only used as a "example" clearly said players bought more than one 3rd party AAA game that's not the point. it's the diversity in exclusives that helped sell a system even if they only pick up one or two of them and don't come anywhere close to selling what the 3rd AAA party game did.

@kungfuian: you dropped 65 1/2 toothpicks, one was broken.

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Godmars290340d ago

The Dreamcast died because Sega mismanaged their finances beforehand and went insolvent while increasing console production as sales stalled.

"But i know that exclusive games dont sell consoles,"

How do you know this? What examples do you have?

You might be right in that one single exclusive doesn't sell systems, but several of them do. FF7, MGS, and the very first RE sold the PS1 as merely the tip of the iceberg of what it had to offer. Likewise the PS2 had numerous titles that justified buying the system where the PS3 came back from its launch failures on the world market. By contrast Halo and COD notably saved OG Xbox though really MS's unwillingness to let the brand die, cover it's losses, was the real cause. Something they had to do not just twice but third if not fourth time out of thinking the way you are.

As is console gaming is going to be app gaming in another ten or twenty years. That's the way MS is going, but likely only because Steam is showing them the way. And still when game systems are little more than a streaming box or brand name app on a PC, Nintendo's and - maybe - Sony will be more recognized names because of the exclusive they have now.

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franwex340d ago

It's the 3rd console curse. For some reason it's always the most controversial one...

DrumBeat340d ago

Once Microsoft starts really focusing on games, I suspect these articles will cease. I encourage these articles. The more pressure put on Microsoft, the better.

Sciurus_vulgaris340d ago

Once MIcrosoft (assuming they do) focus on games, articles will switch to berating the games the company releases.

notachance340d ago

why would anyone berate the games if they're good?

bloodborne belonged to hardcore genre, it got people interested in soulsborne genre instead of driving people away because of its difficulties.

just make a new AAA IP with at least 85+ metacritic score, people will shut up and go buy XB1, I know I will.

WePlayDirty340d ago

if they released good games those articles wouldn’t exist.

BlaqMagiq1339d ago

Maybe if they keep making GOOD games that won't happen.

Atanasrikard339d ago

@Blaq/WePlay/nota GOOD is a completely subjective term. Your opinion on what makes a good game is just that, your opinion.

trooper_339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Why would that happen?

At least you know GAMES are coming out, except know the same three franchises.

WePlayDirty339d ago

@Atanasrikard.....what “good” exclusives? Here’s a list of games that are NOT associated with Halo/Gears/Forza since the release of Xbox One, and are exclusive to the console, or console exclusive.

Current: Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, D4, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Recore, Ori...

Only 3 make it above 80 for metascore, and only 1 makes it above 8 for userscore (an indie game).

Are these games “good”? The public perception doesn’t tihnk so.

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FallenAngel1984340d ago

"By the next generation Microsoft was king."

You mean coming in last place is evidence of being called "king?" Selling the least amount of hardware, especially when you have a year headstart, is not indicative of the title known as "king."

-GreenRanger340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Do you have official numbers between PS3 and Xbox 360? The last I've seen had Xbox 360 ahead. Not saying Xbox 360 actually outsold PS3 in total sales, but I would like to see official numbers that support your argument. If anyone is going to downvote this comment without giving me what I asked for, that will tell me they don't have it.

Segata339d ago

PS3 outsold 360 but the difference is about 1-2 million.

FallenAngel1984340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

You don't really need numbers to see how the Xbox 360 ended up being the slowest selling console of the 7th gen when you have simple logic.

Xbox 360 sold 80 million in 8 years while PS3 accomplished the same feat in 7 years. You don't need to know rocket science to know that PS3 was able to overtake 360 afterwards because of its stronger sales pace out of the gate since day one.

But if you really want numbers

PunisherRevenge340d ago

Lol...You use Those numbers are not accurate. Never has been. We all know that Microsoft was ahead pof Sony but, there are no real numbers from Sony or Microsoft to prove the PS3 surpassed the X360.

FallenAngel1984339d ago

So you're really going to say that a console that sold at a rate of 11 million units per year couldn't outsell a console that sold 8 million units per year?

It's simple logic man, use it

BlaqMagiq1339d ago


Can you show proof that Microsoft is still ahead of Sony?

Condemnedman339d ago

ok does it really matter they both sold well
they both won

Dragonscale339d ago

@punisher, if vgc of all places say PS3 beat 360 you can pretty much guarantee its true lol.

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RedDevils339d ago

More like King of looser.