Revisiting Halo 3

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Halo 3 is my favorite game of all time providing an epic conclusion to Bungie's Halo trilogy and just an all around excellent release. "

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CorndogBurglar225d ago

Halo 3. The last great Halo game.

Muadiib225d ago

ODST had a far better campaign.

Summons75225d ago

ODST is part of Halo 3 technically. Halo 3: ODST :)

Vandamme21225d ago

When is Halo 5 ODLC coming out?

PhantomTommy225d ago

Reach campaign on solo legendary was a real treat, one of my favourite gaming memories from that gen.

Halo 3 was something else entirely, though. Don't think Halo will ever be that great again.

mandingo225d ago

Last great halo indeed. But 4and 5 are still good

DasTier225d ago

The greatest perhaps, but not the last great one.

It's multiplayer was still the series peak until It was surpassed by 5.

spicelicka225d ago

Agree with this. Halo 3 had the greatest Halo campaign for sure and multiplayer is still amazing to this day, but Halo 5 has done a lot for multiplayer as well.

Paytaa225d ago

The GOAT. A different era, but one I miss dearly. Being young and social gaming was on the rise in the console space. Halo 3 had everything a gamer wanted/needed in that era.

I'll never forget the memories made with this classic. I love every Halo game for different reasons, but Halo 3 had it all.

spicelicka225d ago

You are, all of you...Vermin.
Cowering in the dirt, thinking, what? That you might escape the coming fire? Your world will burn until the SURFACE IS BUT GLASS!

*Cue Halo music*


Paytaa225d ago

The campaign was unforgettable and the marketing campaign was such a fun thing to follow. The sheer joy when the first Halo 3 trailer dropped in '06 is a feeling I simply haven't felt towards any game since.

I think I've beaten Halo 3's campaign at least 60 times. Played the original trilogy campaigns a stupid amount. They were just that damn good.

TheHan225d ago

Coming from a Halo Fan I'd say the worst one is Halo 3 and that's just based on Gameplay other than that the story was excellent.

VideoGameLab225d ago

Halo 1 got me back into Console Gaming, Halo 2 was a masterpiece. Couldnt get into 3's MP and 4 was meh. 5 had the best gameplay I ever got in any FPS to this day.

Cyro225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

One of the best multiplayer games I've ever played. Gameplay was the best in the series, campaign was great, and the community was amazing. I've played all the Halo games after except for Halo 5 and never got that same experience. Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive the days of Halo 3 and MW2.