The PlayStation Store's Content Problem

Push Square: "There are nearly 30 new games on the PlayStation Store this week. Among these titles are juggernauts like NBA 2K18, standalone expansions such as Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and remasters like Baja: Edge of Control. Amid the madness is Time Recoil, a new top-down shooter from one of PlayStation’s most prolific indie supporters, 10tons. But as the wealth of software on Sony’s digital storefront increases, PR coordinator Jaakko Maaniemi notes that it’s getting harder and harder for titles to get noticed."

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Chaosdreams162d ago

Browsing for content is a bit of a mess, that much is true.

NewMonday162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

a basic thing the store needs is a way to mark games I'm interested in but don't want to buy immediately, many games I wanted to buy got buried in the clutter and I just forgot about them.

also they need to use multiple tags for games (like: story/action/RPG/devloper/1st person/open world/MP/simulation/Sci-Fi/cri me.. etc.) Steam store dose this very well.

FinalFantasyFanatic162d ago

You know you have a wishlist right? I haven't even bought half the games on my wishlist as it stands, although the tag idea is pretty great, I would like that.

ziggurcat162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Adding a wish list function would be a good idea, I think... unless that's already there?

FinalFantasyFanatic161d ago


It already exists...

NewMonday161d ago


the wishlist is only in the web browser version of the store, can't find it on the console store.

FinalFantasyFanatic160d ago


Really? I just use the web version because it's more comfortable for me, I'll have to check and see if it has it on the actual console.

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mercyblades161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Sony really needs to harmonize the store layout and categories across PS4/Vita and the Web Browser. It's just so cumbersome and overbloated. And the way the Playstation Store separates content is tiresome, too.
I really miss the old PS3, blue-square design, but the preview icons were too small and I don't think it had video preview option(s). I don't envy the people that have to come up with redesigning such things.

chris235162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

the psn store is a master example of how to inflict chaos on the user's mind, so much is true. BUT. there is no such thing as "mweh, why had title x and title y to get released the same time as our masterpiece. no wonder our masterpiece did not do well."

newsflash for all devs and pubs who think that these things are the reason for their failure: GOOD games will ALWAYS get bought. while mee-too titles will always be in a difficult situation. good games get bought no mattrr how messy the store, no matter how many aaa titles get released the same day.

everything else is a delusion from lazy devs and pubs who want to cash in on the latest trend - and often times come way too late to the game.

as a general rule of thumb: bad games or games no one needed or asked for but got produced anyway because someone managed to get a brainfart greenlighted will always sell less units than expected.

Chaosdreams162d ago

What are you on? In any medium, amazing content can be overlooked if it's lost within a vortex. You can ask anyone, be it a book, a movie, a video game, etc, and you'll see that great content can often be overlooked/forgotten.

So it's completely understandable that devs feel the pain when their games are quickly overshadowed by the mass influx of choice. It's competition with the added penalty of poor UI design (the design looks nice, but unless you know precisely what it is you have in mind, good luck finding it).

Competition will always be competition. But the user experience can certainly be improved, to better our selection of choice (rather than endlessly searching), and also bring awareness to good games.

MilkMan162d ago

That's content managers and PR person issue. Can't blame "more options" as the reason things are not getting noticed.
Promote, the titles that are deserving, make your store easier to navigate. This is an age ol' problem since the first retail store opened. Just make it happen.