Mass Effect Andromeda discounted to below $20 on PC and Xbox One

The Xbox One version of Mass Effect Andromeda has been discounted to $19.27 while the PC version is also on sale for $18.51.

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PressXtoBacon312d ago

Genuine question: Does anyone feel that it's worth the price? Big fan of the previous 3 games, but everything I've ever heard about this has made me uncomfortable with putting the money down on it.

DarkOcelet311d ago

As a person who played every Mass effect over 300 hours, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed by It and stopped playing after 20 hours. The worlds are empty, the enemies are too boring to fight, the voice acting is horrible, the faces... Well, am sure you saw it on the Internet already but it's extremely off putting. Hell, Mass effect 1 had better face textures than this. The music is not good. The new alien races are uninteresting. The party members aren't memorable. The story did not catch my attention whatsoever like the trilogy did. And the bugs are still aplenty. I don't think I have ever been this disappointed by a sequel before.

Honestly, just save your money and get something else. It's not worth it.

GamesMaster1982311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

I would not let others swade you opinion. Im a fan of all the mass effect games so had to try this. Now that ive finished it i think it was a quite good game dont understand what the hate is about. I mean the driving sections are massively improved over previous games story is not as good as shepard's but not bad. My only problem was the loading is abit too long.

Davidgr2311d ago

This game should be $15 or less. I am also a big fan of previous 3, but this game is just plain bad. Rent it first

Zeref311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

wait for it to come on EA Access. I bet it will be on it before the end of the year.

If you have an Xbox that is.

Artemidorus311d ago

As a Mass Effect fan I paid up front at the start and it's completed.

It's worth buying and playing but it doesn't have the magic of the other storyline.

But it still has similar feel playing it to the older titles and the jetpack is good.

Ill educated people ruined a potential and a greedy company abandoned ship, very ugly times ahead for new ideas.

OB1Biker311d ago

Agreed. The game is not mindblowing as it could have been but it s got plenty of good playing time and very enjoyable if people can get their mind out of the flaws pointed out by the gaming communities as if you have to focus on that.
Ironically there r many games with more pronounced flaws that get a pass. Could feel the hate coming from far before the game released too.
Its not amazing but very enjoyable for gamers who are into SF, Space opera in a fun TPS.

Razzer310d ago

It is a bargain at that price. Great game

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2pacalypsenow312d ago

The game is worth it at $20

Gaming4Life1981311d ago

The game was worth it at 60 bucks, I guess only true mass effect fans know about this gem. Im not saying Andromeda is the best in the series but its definitely in the top 3.

Sciurus_vulgaris311d ago

You shouldn't be encouraging people to buy, buggy, unpolished games at full price. Publishers, need to learn, to not push their developers to rush-out games. The bottom line for publishers is cash. We as the consumers should "vote" with are money.

trouble_bubble311d ago

I've seen retailers trying to move this at $20 for months. Never seen a series of this stature hit the bargain bin so hard, so soon after release. They can't even move stock at $20


I remember that alien colonial marines and duke nukem forever had big sales few months after release.

PressXtoBacon311d ago

hahahahahaha months? I think Duke dropped to $40 in the first week

PhoenixUp311d ago

Not even Nier: Automata had been discounted that low yet and it released before Mass Effect: Andromeda

Segata311d ago

Except Nier Automata is a fantastic game and has sold very well.

PhoenixUp310d ago

I know it sold well, I'm saying the older game hasn't been discounted that low yet

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