Road Rage Wants To Scratch That Road Rash Itch; Will Feature 4-Player Split-Screen

Zach from DYEGB discusses all things Road Rage with Maximum Games

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Septic186d ago

Looks like a great game for local split screen. Title made me think of Road Rash...good times 😍

Fist4achin186d ago

This game was such a good time on the OG playstation!

mafiahajeri186d ago

Exactly!! Gotta hit up youtube and reminisce

fenome186d ago

I loved Road Rash! Hopefully they don't get weird with the physics, I loved ragdolling down the road and having to run back to my bike, good times :p

zerocarnage186d ago

Yeah it was ace dude forever you'd be flying or sliding on the floor or hitting more cars and going even further..

KwietStorm186d ago

I still have my Genesis cartridges somewhere around. Had so much fun with that series and I forgot this was even in development. I hope it turns out good.

zerocarnage186d ago

Me to mate me too cud I loved it, bashing someone with a club or chain.

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