New Sonic Forces Trailers Show Classic Sonic and Custom Character Gameplay

Sega shows the two opposite sides of Sonic Forces for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in two gameplay videos, with a bonus song sample.

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FallenAngel1984252d ago

Idk how the Sonic series can constantly have such great music

-GreenRanger252d ago

Seriously...the music is like the only redeeming quality its worst games had. I hated Sonic Unleashed because of its werewolf segments, but played through the damn game because of its music. Sonic 06 also had good music, which had to be part of why Crisis City was included in Generations.

FallenAngel1984252d ago

Bro even Sonic Free Riders had great music. This ish is unreal

ZeekQuattro251d ago

I've said it before but even bad Sonic games have great music. Sonic R anyone? lol Sure that game plays like shit but with songs like Can you feel the Sunshine and Super Sonic Racing it almost makes you forget it. I'm joking of course about forgetting the game sucks but the music is great. lol

343_Guilty_Spark252d ago

I wish they'd really put some effort into making a true 3-D sonic by combining the best elements of Sonic Adventure and the Boost series. I love the 2D Platforming but keep it to Mania...

WhyHate252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Sonic has always my favorite blue ball from childhood. ;)

Seriously though seems like the videos have been taken down. Oh well, I like what I've seen of this Sonic game so far.

Warshade252d ago

Sonic needs better power ups. Also get rid of the get hit and lose all your rings system. The one thing sonic boom got right.