Link-Cable 13/9/17 Nintendo Direct Predictions

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Nintendo fans, I hope your bodies are ready because it’s almost time for a new Nintendo Direct as the the company will be hosting a new presentation to showcase 3DS and Switch titles coming in ‘the next few months’ with a special focus on Super Mario Odyssey. So as we usually do when these types of events are announced we here at Link-Cable put on our thinking caps and came up with some predictions as to what we’ll see tomorrow. To shake things up a bit we decided to make a couple of predictions, one that we feel is likely to happen and the other that, while awesome if it happens would be a bit of stretch."

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Pookandpie430d ago

Why was this put here 4 hours ago? We already know what happened in the Direct, and we know that this article's guesses were 2 for 4, lol.

ZeekQuattro430d ago

It was mostly likely posted before the Direct but some articles are slower to get approved and things like this happen.