Games Overlooked 2017: Yakuza 0

Jerry from BagoGames says, "Nine months into 2017 and there have been some amazing games, many that have been overlooked by most. Yakuza 0 is one such game."

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Nyxus277d ago

Awesome game, I hope more people will check it out!

yosfoo277d ago

Please people you have to play this game.

Tankbusta40277d ago

Great game got me into the series

notachance277d ago

a hard-boiled, brutal, and badass yakuza game

this game is everything mafia 3 should've been.. well except the graphics, but a masterpiece like this will easily make anyone who play it forget about the outdated graphics.

a friggin must for everyone who likes mature and violence game with nothing held back

OpenGL276d ago

One of my favorite games of 2017. 0 and Kiwami are both fantastic

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