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Playing games for the first time as an adult is harder than you think

Gaming subculture is often not inviting to those unfamiliar with the basic framework of the industry.

It isn't just those who occupy spaces within the layered “gamer” identity that bristle at the novices, but the enterprise itself has grown more focused on those who have made gaming language a central component of their lives. The barriers attributed to gaming involve more than the language, and periodically one notices the class barriers that make gaming culture inaccessible to certain fragments of society.

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PhoenixUp307d ago

You could say the same thing about almost every hobby

ElementX307d ago

I agree. I am watching YouTube tutorials trying to learn a bunch of new hobbies and crafts which probably would've been easier to learn earlier, like music. I think with gaming it improves your reaction times and as you get older they decline so it's harder to pick up. I have had friends who have never gamed much try to play a fps and they can't comprehend the look controls

HaveSumNuts306d ago

Yeah using a controller when you have arthritis doesn't really help much

bloop306d ago

I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 days and I remember the first time I tried to play an fps with dual sticks. I don't remember what game it was, but what I can remember is it did take me a while to get my head around it. My non gaming girlfriend tried to play UC4 when it released. She's 30 and the only games she's ever really played are 2d platformers. She couldn't get her head around dual stick controls. She kept mixing up what stick did what and gave up after 10 minutes. I think that's definitely the biggest obstacle for anyone older trying to pick up games now.

iceman06306d ago

Also, during that adjustment and learning curve, it can feel less like fun and more like work. The older you get, the less patience most have for anything that requires extra work and isn't gratifying. I've even gotten that way with competitive mp games. I just don't care anymore because the grind is far less gratifying for me (too many people with far more time to master the game). I don't always suck, but I just don't care enough anymore to get really good. Plus, the potential toxicity of mp lobbies is something I have no patience for.

PlayStation_5306d ago

Yeah, but the Editors at Polygon can barely even read and write. Of course they suck ass at video games... : P'

subtenko306d ago

Dont give them any more ideas to write something else

KwietStorm306d ago

Well this is a gaming site, so mosaic coasters and crochet don't count.

rainslacker306d ago

You have to admit though, that the community isn't all that welcoming to newcomers. Even to people new to a specific game can be pushed out if they aren't the best player from the get go.

Ceaser9857361306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I was very much late into gaming... 2007 with PC and 2012 after i got a job back then got the PS3 ... AROUND 2011 i tried to use the ds3 and xbox controller.. i was looking like a jackass... i heard guys behind me saying dude give up... Those days ..

Now planning to try photography... eyeing 700D or 750D lets see... Went through loads of Tutorials on YT...

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theXtReMe1307d ago

My wife cant seem to clear the hurdle of modern controllers. With so many buttons and sticks to control, I can see how it can be overwhelming for a first timer to grasp. Especially an adult, because your tollerance for learning lessens, as well as your patience...

The funny thing is, the older I get, it seems the more I like to learn about subjects that I had no interest in growing up. History, geography and pop culture are some of them. Yet, when it comes to doing something I want to, it seems my patience has dwindled... like, playing games. I go in spurts. Ill finsh a game or two, in a sitting, then not touch another for a week or month or two. I think the problem is, games havent evolved much since the Xbox 360/ PS3 era. If anything, I think theyve devolved. I was very excited for this gen at the start, more excited than I had been in quite some time... though, this gen has been all about better graphics and little else. Whereas, I love games that use physics to enhance gameplay. Giving the player hundreds, if not thousands, of options in every encounter. Red Faction: Guerilla was the highlight of it last gen. Where supports would buckle and give way to the weight of the structure above. Which allowed the player to experiment with ways to take out their enemies. Instead of just shooting them in the head. Even games like Perfect Dark Zero let you shoot different body parts and the enemies would act accordingly, shooting a gun out of their hand or holding that area and limping. Something thats totally missing from this gens games. FEARs AI is still the best of any game Ive ever played, with its ability to follow you throughout a level and trick and scare you in the process, yet it has alluded any game this generation.

So, I dont know if its just that my tastes have grown, or I expect gaming generations to evolve more than they have... but there is definitely a change in my gaming habits. Last gen, I played and finished over 130 games... this gen, I think Ive finished 30, if Im lucky.

So kids, enjoy it as long as you can and dont be in a rush to grow up. Because when you do, you will spend the rest of your life longing for that childhood once again.

porkChop306d ago

Some of the blame for games not progressing can be placed on console manufacturers. The Jaguar CPUs in these consoles are barely faster than last gen's CPUs. They focused almost entirely on GPU power, creating a bottleneck and resulting in unbalanced hardware. Devs can't push AI and physics with power they don't have. Let's hope the next generation is better.

Phoenix76306d ago

Let's be honest here, even when the next generation console's are released, there will still be some people who will still troll consoles user's with the tag line of "still not powerful enough" or "better off buying a pc".
As for games not progressing enough, I would say blame lies with developers who are more interested in their shareholders interests rather than the consumers. I.e. EA, Ubisoft, Activision. Why try to push innovation when a quick cheap reskin of last year's game will do and people will buy it as there is little else variety out on the market

Mroc13306d ago

I feel the same way. I really miss the PS2 days though. Really good variety of games. Maybe you can try Dishonored 2 if you liked Perfect Dark. There's an abundance of ways to kill enemies. I think for me I just prefer to do other things rather than game, have a lot less patience and probably have become a shittier gamer too. With my first kid on the was I might stop gaming by next year. I'm actually enjoying Destiny 2 a lot more than the first though

iceman06306d ago

Agreed. I don't play the same types of games that I used to play as much. They don't seem to hold my interest as long. Part of it IS that we are, for lack of a better phrase, dating the vapid supermodel with many of our games. They are beautiful and fun for awhile. But, when you spend more time with them, you can see how shallow they really are. The AI in most haven't t really advanced past what we knew last gen. There haven't been many leaps in actual design of games. Open world became a thing, but it's what you do with and in hat world that counts. Some of the "new" genres are interesting. But, mostly it feels a bit more stagnant in comparison. The idea of 4K gaming doesn't excite me as much as devs creating stellar AI or physics engines and consoles being able to flawlessly handle that.
The other part, of course, is that I have grown and require a bit more than "Splosion noises" to entertain me for the long haul. Doesn't mean I don't like a bit of gun porn now and again. But, would it hurt to provide an intriguing settting and storyline for it? (or is this like asking for a plot in real porn!?)
Overall, at the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, while tech has grown in leaps and bounds, what many are doing with the tech (on average) hasn't. Now, let me pop my geritol...seal my false teeth...and go scream at some kids to get off my lawn. 😂

Cobra951306d ago

In short, old dogs can't learn new tricks. Learning a new language is a good illustrator. Kids learn to speak it like a native. Adults can never get rid of their awkward accent.

DrShoe306d ago

Is that why polygon reviewers suck at gaming, because they aren't really gamers?

letsa_go306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Oh hey look, another liberal/SJW women that doesn't know how to play games, writing for polygon. Why does that not surprise me? You would have to be an alien to only play games for the first time as an adult, or live in one of those uncontacted tribes in the amazon!

BeRealisticNow306d ago

The biggest problem I see people have is moving both thumbsticks at the same time. Moving and aiming just doesn't seem to click with some people, and I really do understand why. It's unfortunate for the people who actually want to play games though

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