Pete Hines Says He Knew What He Was Saying, The Unannounced Game Is Still On For 2017

If you've been following the kerfuffle that is Pete Hines' announcement of Bethesda's unannounced game this year, it's a bit confusing. Here are the details.

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PlayableGamez-157d ago

I have a feeling the suspense will lead to a disappointing announcement.

Spenok157d ago

This is my expectation as well.

Vegamyster157d ago

Skyrim VR Switch edition today, includes a cardboard box to hold the Switch to your head & a puke bag when the nausea kicks in.

TheColbertinator157d ago

Hines is proud to announce this year "Paid Patches". Dont just wait for us to fix our buggy games,now you must pay us too.

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CaptainObvious878157d ago

Hopefully, whatever it is, they don't use the severely outdated creation engine.

zeddite157d ago

Skyrim branded band-Aids

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The story is too old to be commented.