How Heavenly Sword set Ninja Theory on a 10-year journey to artistic satisfaction

Tameem Antoniades reflects on the game that still defines the studio a decade later

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Woolly_91d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. One of my favorites on PS3.
I would happily get it again if it were remastered for PS4. . They don't even have to tamper with it . . This is one of those occasions where B/C would be great.

Ninja Theory were ahead of the curve . . back then.

fenome91d ago



Oh, right, because X1 has backwards compatibility....I get it now. ..

Woolly_91d ago

Don't ruin the discussion here with your defense mechanism. .

My comment is about Heavenly Sword and about how I'd love to play it again on PS4.

Take a break from 'console wars' every now and then... it's not that deep.

JaguarEvolved90d ago

Heavenly sword is an awesome game and I think the best game they've made. It's nice to see them bring back kai in hellblade senua even without twing twang.

fenome90d ago

Heavenly Sword is an awesome game and it's good to see them go big with Hellblade, I wasn't trying to downplay any of that.

Disregard all this other crap, sometimes I shouldn't be allowed on my phone. Lol

fenome91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Honestly B/C would be a convenient feature, but I'd prefer a remaster. It's hard to play some of my old games because I'm spoiled with better frame rates and everything else right now.

Deep breath taken, I don't care what you play on, I just like to troll trolls ;) ;)
I've got enough real life shit to deal with I could care less what piece of plastic you play videogames on. Read what you wrote and how you wrote it combined by your history and tell me honestly you're not trolling.

Maybe you're the one who needs to take a step back and relax, you spend too much effort in these comments. Go play some games have fun, live a little.


The keyboard on my phone randomly disappears whenever it feels like it so I have to edit to finish a sentence. I guess maybe I'm the one spending too much effort on this. Lol

Have a good one, cheers!

Woolly_91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

ahah . .
Well . . I have no control over how anyone interprets my comments . . Never mind :)

If I were trolling, I think I can do a lot better than my comment above... heck. . . I come to articles like these to have a refreshing discussion about a game then some one brings up 'console war' talk. lol.

On N4G... when you're dealing with the residents that infest the site, it's hard not to look like one of them ..

of coarse a remaster would be better... it should be free for those who already own the game... but that's too much to ask for in the console space...that's PC talk... no excuses on PS5.

fenome91d ago

Definitely no excuses on PS5, they all share architecture now. I'm not gonna lie, PC would be great, especially right now because all the Xbox games are coming there too. I'm just too lazy for that right now.

I work overtime and house things I've got to deal with, when I play my games I just wanna sit back in front of my big screen and enjoy the ride.

I was just trying to get a squeeze out of you to see if there was more to it and obviously there is. You are capable of "discussion", so I won't call you a 'troll' anymore.

I might still call you out every once in a while though because it's cool to actually see a human response, especially around here.

Z50190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Why didn't you just keep your original copy [like me] if you loved it so much? Just curious.
*I keep ALL the games i love.

I'll say it again.
KEEP YOUR CURRENT GEN CONSOLES, because you never know.

gamer780490d ago

I'd love to have a remaster of it

rainslacker90d ago

Probably one of my top 10 from last gen. Easily my first favorite game on the PS3.

I'd love a remaster as well, although I still play it every once in a while on my PS3.

Markusb3389d ago

I wonder how people can down vote a personal view. I love chinese food. Does this need down voting? Yes as it's off topic ffs.

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PhoenixUp91d ago

What does Kung Fu Chaos represent for Ninja Theory?

Gameseeker_Frampt90d ago

The dark time before twing twang. We don't speak of it.

masterfox91d ago

I hope Ninja Theory get enough income from Senua's Sacrifice so they can start developing bigger games and so probably a new Heavenly Sword.

PhoenixUp90d ago

Heavenly Sword is a one off title, it doesn't need a sequel

JonnS90d ago

While Ninja theory is on this journey hope they find time to port Hellblade to Xbox . Game looks amazing and it's concept is very cool .

Goldby90d ago

it s agame that should be on xbox simply for the awareness it brings to the public about mental health. ontop of being a beautiful game and amazing sound work.

slate9190d ago

Was a great story with great gameplay for its time. I don't think they were "ahead of their time" by any means. It definitely needed a sequel earlier than 2017.

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