Hajime Tabata: We Wanted To Provide A Way For people To Play [FFXV] Everywhere

Hajime Tabata, the Final Fantasy XV director, said he also wanted to make other players experience the game regardless of platform – and this is why Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition was born.

In a recent interview with Engadget, Tabata does not see the Pocket Edition as a lesser experience especially for those who don’t own consoles and never played Final Fantasy XV.

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Erik7357377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Hopefully the Switch version is it's own thing and is in between the phone and console version graphically speaking

Derceto375d ago

Well, like usual, you failed. No let this over rated, hype-fad pile of trash die already.

thatguyhayat375d ago

Was waiting for this game for more than 10 years. Namuras version was the one i wanted to play not this boy banned game. I'd say the games decent but not something to be jolly about

bigmalky375d ago

Why? It's not great sitting at home in front of the TV playing this repetitive, non-FF drivel... Why would I want to play it on the train, or while having a dump?

Nara_shikamaru374d ago

Because its not about you, who can afford a home console. Its about those that cannot afford to play on console or thats preference is the mobile platform or thats families doesn't allow home consoles or rather gaming in general and can choose to play this in secret.
Its for those people and more, and in Japan, these people are the majority.