Why Gen 3 Is the Best Generation

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Welcome to the latest installment on our quest to determine which generation of video games has the right to call itself ‘the best’. Today we look at the third generation of gaming and why it’s worthy of that honor. This generation is often called the ‘first modern’ era of gaming as many of the elements that make up what we recognize as ‘standard’ today first came into being during this time. Now while there were other options available for gamers the vast majority of us remember the late 80’s for one thing – the absolute domination of all things gaming by Nintendo and their extremely popular NES system but there was so much more going on during this time that needs to be recognized and part of why this generation was the best of them all."

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ziggurcat335d ago

but... you just wrote an article about why gen 2 was the best...

CrimsonWing69335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

So which gen is it man!? Geezus! Oh wait, wait, I gotcha, slow day at the office.

letsa_go335d ago

I prefer gen 4 instead. SNES + GENESIS + TG-16. 😍😍😍

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BrianOBlivion335d ago

The current gen is the best generation.
It has always been and will always be the best generation. Past generations have always been and will always be lesser predecessors. By definition.
It's called evolution.
If you don't think so, your rose coloured nostalgia spectacles are impeding you from appreciating the fact that at any current moment, NOW is as good as gaming has ever been.

Cobra951334d ago

Nah. I personally think the 7th is best overall (last gen). This one is saddled with too many problems--too little innovation, and too much corporate greed.

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