Open World PS4 Games Like Skyrim: Which Should You Play?

PSLS: "Few games are able to capture players’ imaginations quite like Skyrim. After all, the promise of “if you see it, you can reach it” is an awesome one. While it’s possible to spend hundreds of hours in Bethesda’s action RPG, even the most die-hard fans will be looking for something different after enough time has passed.

To help give you an idea of what to play after you’ve experienced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we’ve come up with a list of open world PS4 games like Skyrim. These titles all have one aspect or more of what makes Bethesda’s title so special!"

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Community306d ago
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I just got done with a 180 hour play through on my PS4 Pro, and I had over 250 hours (both Wood Elf's) when I had it on 360 years back.

Skyrim is a masterpiece and the only game you could appreciate as much really imo is The Witcher 3, I have over 200 hours in TW3 and I have not beat the game yet, nor have I accessed the last map "Toussaint". It very dark compared to The Elder Scrolls series, the story is much more compelling and the secondary quest and other quest (Witcher Contracts, Encounters, Side Quest, Treasure Hunts, etc.) all feel like they could belong in the main story.

It's a GREAT Fantasy RPG that has it's own unique feel but shares things you love about Skyrim and the World is HUGE, I'd say Skellige Isles Map will remind you of Skyrim and is about the same size, other maps are Velen/Novigrad, White Orchard, Kaer Morhen and Toussaint which are all filled with loot and most importantly... Monsters to kill!

S2Killinit306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I really wanna try it on PSVR. What made Skyrim so epic was its immersion. You really felt like you were pickpocketing someone for example. I would imagine how good it could be in VR if done right.

PS: im suprised Horizon: Zero Dawn isnt in the list... wtf

Matrix6306d ago

And yet it had games on the list that's not even released :/
Including games not being released until who knows when in 2018 like Biomutant.

GamesMaster1982306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

On with Dragon Age Inquisition at the moment about 80 hours in. Needed another game to fill the gap after platinum The Witcher 3. And must say its a great game cant believe it took me so long to play it. Might give Skyrim ago after this as missed out on that also.

Pancit_Canton306d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn is a much better game than Skyrim

zuul9018306d ago

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Pears are a much better fruit than Oranges.

Matrix6306d ago

Ever tried a Tangelo? Mmmmm, so juicy sweet! It's like an Orange sized Mandarin that peels easily and has no pips. I could eat them all day long.

zuul9018306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

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Gonna get one this week and put it in my belly though just to make sure.

NEW FRUIT YO! (Possibly)


No... lol I have not even beat Horizon, now the story (like the Witcher) is far better than Skyrim, it got stale about halfway through, the world is not near as fun to explore as beautiful as it it may be.