Why Gen 2 Is the Best Generation

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Welcome to part two of our grand adventure to determine which console generation has the right to call itself the best. Last week we looked at why the very first generation was the best of them all but admittedly it was a hard sell to try to justify why that generation was better than everything that came after. But the 2nd generation? That’s where things start to get interesting. This was the generation went from being a fun fad to a legitimate industry, filled with its own highs and lows, where games became ways to bring people together and developers started trying to one up each other with each subsequent title. In short, this was the generation where the players became the gamers."

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251d ago
KwietStorm251d ago

There's plenty to criticize with the current industry, but let's not go full stupid.

KickSpinFilter251d ago

I've been here since the start, this generation is the best generation, starting in late 2016 and going into early 2018 has and looks to be just stellar. But also to early to tell.

BrianOBlivion250d ago

I completely agree.
I too have been gaming since the early seventies (born in the 1960's) and every generation has ALWAYS been better than the last. Next gen will of course be even better.
Now has always been the best time to be a gamer.