Dragon Ball FighterZ: PS4 and Xbox One Beta Download Size Revealed

Offering 3-vs-3 tag team battles, this is the first competitive fighter in the Dragon Ball series in the current generation of consoles.

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Game4r340d ago

This weekend is gonna be awesome!!

ion666338d ago

I didn't get in. Enjoy the beta you filthy animals.

blackblades338d ago

Me either just looked at the email, saying it's full bla bla bla.....

Snookies12338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Right? I'd rather have not gotten an email at all, rather than one telling me to just go buy the game because I didn't get in...

ion666338d ago

I guess don't enjoy it? why disagree that. People are strange.

execution17338d ago

C3GD-NGN2-JHFT up for grabs since I won't have time to play it this weekend

Deathdeliverer338d ago

Dude I popped over to N4G just to see if any new news popped up before I went to bed and bam. DBZ beta code. I used 3 different emails to try get in and got all "beta full" messages 3 days or more ago. Thanks so much man. Tekken, Guilty Gear, and SFV will all have to hit the bench. Thanks again!

337d ago