The Lost Fight: Destiny 2 Shaders and the Normalization of Microtransactions

Much of the Destiny 2 community's reaction to how shaders work in the game has TechRaptor's Anson Chan worried about the future of microtransactions.

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CorndogBurglar307d ago

I love Destiny. Played the hell out of D1 and i'm loving D2 even more. But even I have to admit this single-use Shader stuff is complete BS.

Summons75307d ago

Haven't paid a single penny after buying the game...have more shaders than I could ever possibly know what to do with. Stop spreading this misinformation. They are single use, sure, not the end of the world. Other games have single use dyes in games but no buddy cries about that. Guess what, these shadders are also SO STUPIDLY EASY TO GET AND COMMON you don't need to spend a dime. Only time I ever go to that clerk in the game is to trade in Bright Engrams I find in the game from VERY rare drops or "leveling" up otherwise I completely forgot this game has MTs.

Stop being an entitled brat. The new shader system runs circles around the old one. Single use was annoying when you are in the very early bit of the game but unless you are a terrible player then you shouldn't have a problem finding them at all.