Journey Devs Reveal That Their Next Game, Sky, Will Come to Apple First

Jenova Chen took to the stage at Apple's press conference today to unveil thatgamecompany's next game, Sky, will be launching on Apple products first.

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kneon130d ago

I guess I'll be waiting to play it them. I only use Apple products when someone is paying me to do so.

Ghost_of_Tsushima130d ago

Because it’s cool to hate on Apple. I don’t get all the hate?

freshslicepizza130d ago

It's the same hate for Ubisoft, Destiny or Call of Duty. Some people just hate mainstream products but Apple also charges a premium for their products compared to similar specs elsewhere. You are paying extra for all those billions Apple spends on research and development.

This move is obviously to help promote the new iPhone 8. Apple already had a big deal with Nintendo for Mario, I expect this to be a timed exclusive deal too.

If this game was announced as a PS4 exclusive people here would be overjoyed. But it's not so they will hate on mobile and hate even more on Apple.

Ghost_of_Tsushima130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

“Apple also charges a premium for their products compared to similar specs elsewhere”

True but at least if you have an iPhone you know you’ll likely get the latest OS update and none of that bloat ware crap they install on your phone from the carriers. iMessage is another reason I stick with Apple.

“If this game was announced as a PS4 exclusive people here would be overjoyed. But it's not so they will hate on mobile and hate even more on Apple.“

True. I’m not going to complain though. The game looks great and fun to play on iOS. Journey was amazing so I’ll likely give this game a try.

kneon130d ago

No, I've despised Apple's business practices for decades. I haven't bought an Apple product since the Apple ][.

They are one of the most anti-consumer companies out there, and people are dumb enough to fall for it. And their products are usually years behind the current tech and seem to be designed for toddlers.

ZeroX9876129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

most iPhones users I know are FAR from being tech savy and are basically looking for a noob friendly device. those same persons doesn't really game on their phone either, just facebook, instagram, snapchat and iMessage.

If it get released on android before PC/PS4, I'll probably look into it. Journey was an awesome game!

Lighter9129d ago

I don't get the question mark at the end of your second sentence. Say that out loud with an upward inflection. 😕

DarXyde129d ago

I don't like Apple for a number of reasons. I don't know what everyone else's reasons are, but I'll be somewhat objective while talking about my own experiences:

On one hand, their products are sleek, easy to use, innovative, and often very reliable. They're also well integrated with each other in its own ecosystem.

On the other hand, I loathe their business practices. Tax evasion in Europe, removing music you bought from your device (without a refund, mind you), their music format is the only one that works on their iPhones and it requires far too much space on their devices (pressuring you to buy a pricier model because screw external storage), and you've never been able to replace the battery (something I deeply criticize Samsung for nowadays). Doesn't help that they love pricing their products at a premium when they're often JUST incorporating tech that their rivals have had for a while. You don't have much freedom when compared to a Windows pc or Android device (you can bloody overclock an android phone. THAT is freedom). Their accessories are criminally pricey and they had the unmitigated gall to not replace my iPhone 4 back in the day when it had the antenna issue. If you're unfamiliar, the iPhone 4 (the first model to have the thick silver trim and flat back) had a widespread issue with reception because the antenna was built into the silver trim. Basically, if you didn't hold it a certain way, it blocks your signal. Yeah, they just didn't bother try fixing it and it was flawed by their own design.

What I really hate is that my old education institution only had Macs on campus (inevitably factored into tuition which was criminal because this was a graduate school of sciences, not graphic design which I concede Apple does best thanks to the software suite available) and Apple, despite being overwhelmingly successful in America, has a nasty habit of having their products made with cheap labor. You're basically paying "made in America" prices for something that wasn't for the sake of their egregious profit margins. Again, they're generally great in terms of quality (a friend of mine went on 2 deployments in 10 years with his Mac and it still works), but that's no excuse for the premiums they demand.

Honestly, I might be able to forgive it all if one of their major customer types (we'll say hipsters) weren't so arrogant and condescending about their intellect while using a dummy -proof device.

Okay, rant over. Those are my reasons. Some of them, anyway.

Babadook7129d ago

Its just that android insecurity syndrome.

DarXyde128d ago (Edited 128d ago )


Nah, no jealousy. Many of us have tried their devices and just prefer Android. I've actually owned 3 iPhones. Liked all of them and actually hated my first Android device. I just gave Android another chance one day and never looked back.

Again though, for me, it's Apple themselves I take issue with. I don't like their business practices.

DigitalRaptor128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

"You are paying extra for all those billions Apple spends on research and development."

Coming from the same guy that condemns others for not talking like a consumer. That is just so incredibly astonishing. From imbalanced critic to corporate apologist, when it suits. Man, oh man. 🙄

"If this game was announced as a PS4 exclusive people here would be overjoyed. But it's not so they will hate on mobile and hate even more on Apple."

Right... like how Sony fans got mad when that Uncharted: Fortune Hunter game came exclusively to mobile... Listen to yourself. I have absolutely no problem with this coming to Apple first because it will end up on all consoles eventually and thatgamecompany are wise enough to know that this is a huge move for them as developers. I'm happy for them as I was when I found out they were going independent after their 3-game deal with Sony.

But c'mon, of course people here would be overjoyed if it was announced for PlayStation platforms, exclusively or not. The first of their games are highly regarded on PlayStation helped define a strategy to get indie games on PlayStation. Their games belong on PlayStation, and this is a gaming news site not a mobile phone OS news site.

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AspiringProGenji130d ago

OMg Journey devs revealed their new game

*Reads coming to Iphone and iMac

Nah, Pass!

Ghost_of_Tsushima130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

*Reads coming to Iphone and iMac

“Nah, Pass!“

Of coarse you’ll pass. You obviously don’t have an Apple product and you dislike them. I have an iPhone and I’ll support them. Journey was great.

AspiringProGenji130d ago

I have an Iphone 7 plus and will buy the iphone X. I don't play games on my phone

Lamboomington129d ago

As far as mobile gaming goes, Iphones are easily the best. This was the case for some time now because of infinity blade. Games like Sky will make sure it stays that way.

There are only a few games that more 'hardcore gamers' will appreciate. Those include games like Infinity Blade series and Real Racing 3 are examples of that. RR3 is available on Android, and works fine. Great if you like sim-type games. Just remember to turn off all the assists and the automatic acceleration (xD), and it becomes quite an impressive experience. It's like a watered down sim for phone.

Ghost_of_Tsushima130d ago

“I have an Iphone 7 plus and will buy the iphone X. I don't play games on my phone”

I usually don’t either. But if it’s a game coming from a great developer why not give them a chance? It could be great.

VideoGameLab129d ago

Wow thats a great Idea, said noone ever

PlayStation_5129d ago

Apparently that hand in their logo was just reaching out to jerk off Tim Cook this entire time... : P'

franwex129d ago

An Apple time exclusive? Interesting turn of events

ginsunuva129d ago

I don't know whether to dislike Apple for telling them to make it a timed exclusive, or TGC for agreeing

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