Journey Devs Reveal That Their Next Game, Sky, Will Come to Apple First

Jenova Chen took to the stage at Apple's press conference today to unveil thatgamecompany's next game, Sky, will be launching on Apple products first.

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kneon221d ago

I guess I'll be waiting to play it them. I only use Apple products when someone is paying me to do so.

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AspiringProGenji221d ago

OMg Journey devs revealed their new game

*Reads coming to Iphone and iMac

Nah, Pass!

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VideoGameLab220d ago

Wow thats a great Idea, said noone ever

PlayStation_5220d ago

Apparently that hand in their logo was just reaching out to jerk off Tim Cook this entire time... : P'

franwex220d ago

An Apple time exclusive? Interesting turn of events

ginsunuva220d ago

I don't know whether to dislike Apple for telling them to make it a timed exclusive, or TGC for agreeing

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The story is too old to be commented.