Apple Announces iPhone 8 and iPhone X’s A11 Bionic Processor Designed for 3D Gaming and Metal 2

Apple unveils the iPhone 8 and iPhone X's A11 BionicProcessor, which is said to be the most powerful mobile gaming device every created.

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Kun_ADR191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I freaking hate f2p. Apple should have encouraged the devs to move away from this model toward the premium one. The iPhone could have become a phone with great handheld function, but instead all we get are f2p and old console ports.

What is the use and the point of all those power if all we get are games that can run on my phone even from 10 years earlier?

VerminSC191d ago

That game SKY looks amazing. ( journey developers ) I hope it is good, I wish it was a console game and not ios.

chris235191d ago

things never looked better but are rotting from the inside. personally, i am fine with my 2 year old iphone. gaming on the go is not for me as the past years turned out.

apple truly has become the nintendo of smartphones. except apple tries to blend everyone with hightech instead of nintendos deiberate subpar approach. but they became as boring as nintendo. and nintendo stuff is also overpriced like hell.

VideoGameLab191d ago

I dont have a single game on my Phone. I was searching the Google play store a month ago and was shocked how bad and full of cancer the most games are. Literally 99.9 % of all smartphone games are trash. You would really have to dive deep to get a gem.

GameBoyColor191d ago

I settled for a good old card games. All the other crap is terrible lol.

welly300191d ago

Sorry but if you look on ios or android, you will find great time killers and f2p. Phones will never replace a console but the graphics and gameplay are getting better just the controls are pants for most shooters.

Sam Fisher191d ago

I would agree but xcom 1 on the phone is identical to the consoles and the touch part is almost perfect, as well as the tell tales games, these games are actually more fun on phone than consoles

gamer7804191d ago

all the flops in the world can't make a phone game, not a phone game.

bolimekurac191d ago

phone games would be just like regular games if they where designed fully around touch, games on phone are looking phenomenal lately and they can have gameplay similar to consoles or other console portables,, so that isnt the issue, most modern phones these days can handle actual games but they are all ruined because they are dumbed down for touch control. and the masses dont want to use a controller or the slide in controllers cases so the crap just keeps coming and real gaming on phones will always be gimped simply because they dont have regular controllers built in like a vita, people wouldnt even bother with switch style controllers for their phones but they will go out and buy a switch, wierd

gamer7804191d ago

That's the crux of the problem, they have to design soley for touch so by default the games format is limiting. good for card game like hearthstone but those can be played on tablet pcs etc.

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