Bungie are removing a Destiny 2 gauntlet that “shares elements with a hate symbol”

Bungie have just revealed that they are removing a gauntlet from Destiny 2 that “shares elements with a hate symbol.” They say the similarities are not intentional, and they are working on the removal as quickly as they’re able.

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Not necessary a report against the article. But please educate yourself before accusing people of hate. This all blown out of proportion and is a stupid meme. Src:
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Community310d ago
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Kribwalker310d ago

It is so unbelievably simmilar I find it hard they didn't make it on purpose

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KwietStorm310d ago

I just looked up the flag, and it's pretty much a Destiny-fied version of it. This sure as hell wasn't an accident. I'll be on the lookout for artist openings at Bungie.

310d ago
GottaBjimmyb310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I don't get it, what exactly is the issue, even if it was a subtle hint at KEK. KEK is a gaming culture meme/troll. Nothing AT ALL racist about it. One would assume a partially game (WOW specifically) related meme/troll would be relevant.

Zeref310d ago

I thought this was gonna be one of those things that SJWs like to exaggerate, but goddamn this does look remarkably similar. It's definitely on purpose. But it was probably done by just one artist and it was overlooked because nobody knows Kekistan exists.


Yep ....entirely too close. Somethings foul in denmark.

FlameBaitGod310d ago

Is the kekistan flag really a symbol of hate now lmfao ?

Christopher310d ago

If Nazis and white supremacists start to carry them...

FlameBaitGod310d ago

"If Nazis and white supremacists start to carry them..."

Oh Jezzus Chrizzt, are Germans marching in the U.S ? Who are these Nazis preventing from speaking ? Where is this violent suppression of the opposition? Pretty sure is the left, who are destroying cities, assaulting people and preventing people from speaking, are people completely ignoring all the violence these antifa losers are causing while claiming to be about peace and love, while beating everyone who doesn't agree with them? Who is advocating for an authoritarian government ?????

This kekistan flag was made by 4chan for trolling weak SJW's, since sjw's didn't like it, its somehow a hate symbol LOL, its like these sjw's never matured mentally. They act like complete kids who scream at everyone they don't like.

FlameBaitGod310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

"They act like complete kids who scream at everyone they don't like."

Just in case heres this

But yeah, all these people are totally sane and loving people.

Gh05t309d ago


So all they have to do is start carrying McDonalds flags and all the sudden McDonalds golden arches are racist and a symbol of hate?

Isnt that a little short sited and actually a HUGE problem that people cant tell the difference between a symbol of hate and a symbol that haters use. I mean all they would need to do then is start marching with the Symbol of the democratic party and all the sudden what, everyone who is a democrat is racist?

Isnt that more than a little ridiculous and could lead to worse issues?

People need to stop being this naive. And doing things like this only helps people get away with things that they shouldn't be.

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gamer7804310d ago

really.... one has 4 lines int he center the other doesn't, its also missin the other "k's" on each side, which could easily have been arrows next to a horizontal line.....

It's bungie's right to remove it, but it seems pretty far reaching.

Kribwalker310d ago

I don't care if they remove it or not, I think it's an internet joke more then offensive, but at least be honest and not say it's accidental

DarXyde309d ago

History lesson time (and why any white hate groups are morons if they brandish that "Kekistan" flag:

Kek is actually an Egyptian deity. The best part? He is also transgender. Two things that those groups loathe (nonwhite and transgender) are literary the foundation of this ridiculous movement. If I had to guess, they're using the pop culture context from 4chan because some guy made up an ethnicity. Allegedly, they identified as a displaced people, which is probably the context they were going for.

Regardless, it's incredibly funny watching this group of dipsticks advocate for something under false pretenses. It goes to show that you can't take these groups seriously.

Also, for anyone calling those people "Nazis", stop. Don't give them the satisfaction of associating them with a significant threat from World War II. They're not Nazis. They're just racists. The only things they have in common with real Nazis is that they're losers who happen to be white.

rainslacker309d ago

Could be something someone saw at some point and it just made an impression without them really knowing what it was. If I saw that example they had linked in the article without an article going with it, it might stick with me in some way. Artists tend to keep those kinds of things in their minds longer too, since their brains just work like that.

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Duke19310d ago

Good on Bungie for addressing it - but not gonna lie, I had never even heard of Kekistan before

Kribwalker310d ago

Neither had I, but I'd seen people posting that frog thing

BlindGuyMcSqueazy310d ago

Good for Bungie for removing something that hints at a meme?

There's no limit to what people will get offended by these days.

Cmv38310d ago

Apparently you didn't read the article.

DragonKnight310d ago

@Cmv38: I read the article and Bungie are idiots. Kek and Kekistan are memes. Nothing more. It's hilarious how the regressives label everything a hate symbol.

GottaBjimmyb310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

What is in the article that changes anything? KEK is a troll/meme, used in MANY different instances. It is not a racists symbol...

It seems like people are just to sensitive and lazy to actually understand what they are talking about. They see ONE racist troll post something, then suddenly it makes every use of that racist...

GrubsterBeater310d ago

The snowflake liberals at it again, being professionally offended at anything and everything.

I'm waiting for them to start burning books. It's kinda funny that they are fighting "fascism" by being... FASCIST. Meanwhile, there is no real fascism that they are fighting.

A wise man once said "Fascism will one day come in the name of Liberalsm." Couldn't have been more right....

Duke19310d ago

I didn't bother researching it - and apparently it is just some stupid meme. That said from the responses here Im glad they removed it - Who the hell cares if it is or isnt in the game

staticall310d ago

"There's no limit to what people will get offended by these days."
Hey, that's offensive, please remove this ASAP and apologize on Twitter or else i will cry about it in my Tumblr!

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Asuka310d ago

Its because Kekistan isnt real. Whole internet gaming community getting trolled by 4chan today

Adrian_v01310d ago

This has nothing to do with being trolled by 4chan. Fact is that the flag has been used on extremist rallies, even if that application of the flag missed the point why the flag exists. It is only logical for a company to keep it's product away from negative publicity. It's the same as promoters quitting deals with progamers who use sexist/racist etc. slurs. I find it difficult to comprehend why people can't understand this.

Even the swastika was just a harmless religious symbol before it was turned into something else.

Asuka310d ago (Edited 310d ago )


I don't agree with you. These racist or extremist or whatever you call them will use anything to spread hate. By your logic we shouldn't wear clothes or use the internet because i can guarantee both of those have been used to spread hate moreso than this "kekistan" flag.

The silliness has to stop somewhere, and by acknowledging that flying a nonexistent flag associated with no real organization was hateful whether or not it was used at a hate rally is exactly what these people want you to think. Giving these people anykind of acknowledgement is exactly what they want.

DangerousDAN310d ago

It's their product and if they want to steer clear of anything resembling a hate group's symbol (real or not), they can, and absolutely worries me that many here are angered by its removal.

Asuka310d ago


100% correct. Not once have i argued against Bungie about their decision.

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DarXyde309d ago

Trust me, the people who carry that flag with pride have no idea what they're doing. Like, at all. It doesn't mean what they think it does. I dont think Bungie should have removed it. Read up on Egyptian mythology and you'll find out why this movement this hilarious.

Kekistan is not real. It's not a thing. It's fake news. Worse than that actually: it's meme culture wrapped up in ethnic mythology.

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InKnight7s310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

So now they are afraid of losing fans for their own staff behaviors or whatever these toxics minds!! Pathetic. Its identical to the K itself,colors, font, and overall design and there is no different. Fire who designed it. Or else people should quit this.

Pintheshadows310d ago

'The ‘Kekistan’ flag is often flown in support of those groups, and in marches promoting racism and white nationalism.'

This is not true.

InKnight7s310d ago

That descriping KKK not KKKK (kekistan) so yeah I think it is an internet "bla bla bla" thing.

Pintheshadows310d ago

There is another flag that looks like it which some idiot journo mistook for the Kek flag.

mopground310d ago

we re actually witnessing goerbels "if you keep repeating a lie..." in action. its pretty scary.

Christopher310d ago

It has been at rallies promoting white nationalism.

The fact is, those they are making fun of have used it not knowing the joke and now it's associated with them.

aaronaton310d ago

It only promotes how gullible liberals are, that was it's purpose and still is

Christopher310d ago

Liberals are gullible because people attend rallies with racists holding up a flag...

I think people hold their attempts at Internet jokes to too high of a level and use it as a crutch to excuse when any symbol becomes associated with hate groups due to their usage by hate groups who, and here's the funny part that you blame liberals for, don't know that the people who provide the imagery are using to make fun of them.

Hint: liberals, conservatives, and anyone else do not care about Internet jokes. They care about not supporting anything that hate groups are associated with, though.

Gh05t309d ago

Again, if all the hate groups drove Fords would all the sudden Ford be a symbol of hate? Anyone who owns a ford would be questioned for their association with the Nazi party? If they decided to start bringing flags with the democrat party donkey on it would all the sudden every democrat be a Nazi supremacist?

Just because they bring a flag does not mean they or the public at large get to all the sudden change the meanings of things. People like you are allowing them this power and its sad. Just wait, one day I hope they start supporting something you like just to watch you try and say you arent a racist because you like it too.

I have a feeling you dont care because Kek (or whatever, I never knew this existed until this article) means nothing to you personally. But someday something you like may be associated with hate, and then what? You are willing to just let them have it? Let others just rebrand and redefine whatever they want?

Seems kind of like the coward move of rather than fight the ACTUAL Nazis you are going to fight the people who dont think its a symbol of hate and have no supremacy intentions. because its easier to get people who also hate them to buckle under.

Focus on the real issue and its the supremacists, not people here defending the actual meaning of a symbol and not willing to let others rebrand it as racist.

Christopher309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Flags are signs of representation, cars are not.

Get out with stupid apologists logic.

***But someday something you like may be associated with hate,***

Not likely. I don't hold up signs or flags as symbols of who I am. Nor do I define myself by symbols or specific groups. I speak only for myself and no group speaks on behalf of me as a person.

rainslacker309d ago


As an American, I would hold up an American flag as representative of something about myself. However, there are people in this world that associate that flag with some vile and evil things. Does my pride as an american, and willing to accept the american flag as a symbol of my patriotism mean that I am what those people say I am?

Christopher309d ago

***Does my pride as an american, and willing to accept the american flag as a symbol of my patriotism mean that I am what those people say I am?***

It means you accept it as part of who you are and should accept the criticism associated with it. It's easy to be a patriot when it's not your citizens being affected or bombed by the actions of those who also fly the American flag.

Gh05t309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

"Flags are signs of representation, cars are not. "

"Get out with stupid apologists logic."

Stupid apologist logic... or you are too short sighted to see where this is already leading.

It must be my imagination that Ultaviolet is spreading a petition to get Starbucks to pull their stores out of Trump owned buildings, because and get this STARBUCKS is supporting hate. If they dont pull out (Because contracts and business deals matter) does anyone who supports Starbucks now support hate too?

I am not apologizing for anyone, I am trying to show you that just because someone you dont like holds any symbol if someone else MAY hold the same symbol does not make them the SAME.

Just because a white nationalist group holds the Kek flag does not mean that everyone else who also holds it is a white nationalist. To start labeling them as such is a false equivalency.

So how about you get out of here with your short sighted, prejudice, "I dont define myself by symbols", false equivalency logic.

"It's easy to be a patriot when it's not your citizens being affected or bombed by the actions of those who also fly the American flag."

Is it? Is it easy to hold true to the meaning of a symbol when others abuse it, or use it for things you dont believe are right or know are wrong?

Pintheshadows304d ago

Different flag Christopher. Sorry to say it, but in this case you are factually incorrect.

Christopher304d ago

***Different flag Christopher. Sorry to say it, but in this case you are factually incorrect.***

I am not. It was even ironically at the MOAR this weekend. As was the Blue Lives Matter flag and some white nationalist group flags.

This isn't about what the flag was started as, it's how it has become associated with nationalist rallies without any public context. It's like Gamer Gate gaining extremely bad press because of the people who send death threats of purposefully doxx and harass women online using that as a cover. If you don't control it, the bad representation of your label or image becomes associated with what you intend to mock.

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Antifan310d ago

Kek is a millennial libertarian group, not a far right supremacy group like the KKK.

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